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Turning the page .... a new story, a new year..

What books did you read this past year ? What stories did you pay attention to : What posts did you save? What kind of story were you writing , as you lived every day for the past 365 days of you in 2023? And what will 2024 bring ? It will bring another moment, a new day , a new opportunity to be in the present moment of now ! It brings people together with celebrations and rituals, and brings us a moment to reflect and being anew . We can do that anytime, but with the energy of new year , we might as well ride this wave of possibility !

Yes another year, another page in your book - in our book . There are many Rites of Passage through we we move through in our lives, and there are so many different holidays and Holy Days all around the world , that we are reminded how we create our reality through our beliefs . If we can be aware of these beliefs , and see them without judgement and feeling badly about ourselves , then we can change what we can , and look forward to the future we are creating now .

Here is Masjah's Instagram post today

We are moving through a sort of right of passage whether we celebrate the turning of a page of a new year or not. Tomorrow there will be a new light of the morning as there always is, it’s something that we depend upon as we awaken into a new day, just as we are wrapped in the darkness when we sleep.. tomorrow as we embrace this light and newness of a new calendar year, Let us do so with a lightness of heart and a humble commitment to be in service , in any small way we can . If we have been taking care of others to the expense of ourselves , then we must open to speaking our truth and to receiving . We are being asked to find the truth within , and in our present situations . This requires discernment , learning , researching , exploring . Seeing life’s gifts and challenges as part of digging deep to those old beliefs and thoughts that are now transforming . This requires listening. And especially to those who seem to be radically opposed to our views. We must be willing to have conversations , to learn from each other . Armor ourselves with good intent , honesty , and willingness to put down our swords . And perhaps we learn that there are those we can no longer walk with or associate with. We may see others can not meet us with understanding , and we wish for them higher consciousness clarity , peace healing and light as we move on our sacred path. Tonight , in our celebrations , our fires, our practices , may we see clearly our follies , our missteps and mishaps . May we forgive ourselves and each other and give forward from this night , this moment , into the future of now.

Thank you . Thank you for walking with me , thank you for reading and supporting and being here on this planet at this time ! Yay you !

Yay us ! Let us write a fabulous "life book " together - not just this year , not just this day or week , but always !! Always and All Ways , rediscovering and realigning , and exploring and learning and living in our joy , or at least moving right it and dancing with it !!!!

Peace, Love and Light and Freedom for all ,

Tracey Crowe


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