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I know I need to be writing BEFORE an event or happening , but with 7 weeks passed since my hip surgery , i am still moving through"IT" whatever "IT" is !

indeed we ae ALL moving though our stuff - oh, do we not always ? Haven't we, as a species, and as a planet of living beings , been moving through our stuff for thousands/ millions of years ?

Well, as life is cyclical , here we are , again , in an evolutionary leap . We just seem to be more self aware . Or, are we ? you may ask, in light of all that is happening in and around us .

In the gravity of situations , and the heaviness of gravity , there must be levity , there must be a balance of lightness of breath, and buoyancy of movement . There must be a balance of rooting into our selves, anchoring our energies , and also being available for and being understanding , as much as we can, of others . We must plant our feet and blossom where we have planted , while also looking to the vastness of a grand universe and infinite possibility .

Today , above us is a new moon solar expose . The moon , which is dark - unable to be seen until it transverses in from of the sun , show its shadow self today , and reminds us to see our shadows, see the parts of us that we may not like , we may stuff away in the closets of our minds . Today , we can take a moment to see those , and make an intention to take even the tiniest of steps to change .

Today { and every day , but today is a great cosmic happening int with to tune in } we feel our tiny place in the cosmos ,a nd our very large capacity to effect great change with our thoughts words and deeds . We are reminded , as the moon crosses the sun , and somewhere on the planet , changes a sunlit day to dark , that there is always change and always hope .

We are able to set our intentions on the new moon , new beginnings, and we can sense or see it in the sky !

Hold onto your hearts , for there is a magical quality here , a sacred reverence , a sparkle of change for the highest good of all , and , a moment .

A moment of clear , untarnished , expanding , vibrating , alive , PEACE.

Peace and love and light to all .

Sat Nam { True identity , your truth , authentic self, I am presence }

Namaste { I bow to the light within you and you in me and we are one . }

Aho { Native Amerscan for many things depending on tribe - thank you , and so it is , Amen .}

As I am told to back off for 2 weeks , from my PT and doctors , Today I move from discouragement to hope , gratitude and faith . Set my hopes and goals and intentions, and start to put into action the steps for change !

Have a Beautful Weekend.


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