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medicine cards -- rabbit / hare

Always, in playing with cards as an oracle messenger , one clears the mind , uses breath and a disciplined mind , before choosing - especially for a group ! Having done that , I picked upside down RABBIT yesterday . There is an auto- response of" ohh no ! - not upside down ! " but , knowing upside down is just contrary medicine , and rabbit tends to be about fear , as well as re birth - well, i thought , maybe people are having some fear come up and challenged with feeling positive in the rebirth , new beginning thing .... {um , Ya think ? } I took the cards up to my meditation room over the garage - cold but private ! and sat with them . hmmm upside down rabbit . something was nudgi

Happy Earth Day & New Moon

Wow. What a day ! Each day , I pick a card from the medicine card deck . Shuffling , clear minded , the card comes and i share the message on instagram { which you can see by scrolling down the on the home page . Here's the story of the cards today , and why there is two . Yesterday , I was shuffling the deck , but instead of clear mind, I was thinking about ,Earth day { today } and activities... ceremony , my class , etc . I picked Turtle . OH I realized - I had not been clear minded at all . I Had been thinking about Earth Day . maybe that card the was for me . Of course cards reflect the intention of the reader .. so , I breathed , felt all the peoples , and those who will r

Medicine Cards : Antelope

In this time of global pandemic , we have been picking medicine cards from the deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson . How do we do this ? 'WE " is me , and you , and spirit .... I close my eyes, thin k and feel all living beings , and ask - what shall help us today - our Masjah community, family , friends , and beyond .... And then pick card ... Today is Upside down Antelope . The message , you can find on the home page here on the website , or on masjah studios facebook or Intstagram page . TODAYS MEDITATION : if you need a bit more than the message today , or can not physically go into action .. Picture an antelope . on the ground. Doesn't matter how he got there , but he has been una

Stay Safe and Healthy !

Wishing you all health and wellness . Prayers to all who are in need ! We are continuing to reach out to our community , and also are in meditation , healing , and sacred sound circles to help affect change . We are in a time never experienced before . In fact, Time itself has changed . Concepts of Distance , Unity , Beliefs , fear, hope .. all have changed . We are deepening our relationship to nature and our hearts . We are moving through such challenges , and in an evolutionary leap ! Wow. We miss you all at Masjah , but soon enough we will be back . Back in a whole new world . A world that has changed . Earth has cleared her skies , and the stillness has brought us closer in ways

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