Tahoma Healing 
with Tracey   

When i looked up "Tahoma " , all the references were to  Mount Rainier, and  Tahoma Washington .   The meanings  are" mother of water", or beginning of water "  , and is also translated to Snowy Mountain " Mout Tahoma  became Mount Rainier . 

But to me , Tahoma was the name of a beautiful place in the Berkshires , in Western Mass .   The wooden sign on the cabin  that was my mother's family cabin on the lake, was a welcome and heartwarming greeting whenever we made our way through the woodlands to this sanctuary .  

 "It means " Near heaven "  my great aunt marion would tell us . Indeed . this place was heaven !   

Now the cabin has  been sold , years ago , and my mother has  passed on to her clouds in the sky , as she would always say . 

But the medicine and magic and healing ways of such a place will live on forever .   

When my dad recently  passed on,  we all, my siblings, friends, neighbors , began the task of clearing out their home on Cape Cod . It had been a dream for them to live on the Cape , and they had lived such a life !

As I went into the garage one day , I stopped in my tracks as I saw a wooden sign , hanging above a window . 

                                      Tahoma.  The original sign from the magical cabin on the lake, in the woodlands of my ancestors , and a word from the Natives of the area , meaning " near heaven . "  

The power and yet gentleness of this has touched my heart . And so , when my personal website and domain disappeared { another story of technology glitches  these days } it was an opening for a whole new way .  

Tahoma Healing  embodies its many meanings , and brings us home to ourselves .  I am honored to begin this into my practices .

Fitness, Body Mapping, Reiki Master Teachings,  Shaman Practices, Channeling, Intuitive bodywork ...

I am in the process of creating and editing this page . I will soon have all my offerings  and pricings for all to see, 

thank you !  

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