masjahology: Treating the Whole You.

masjah medicine 

healthy wisdom, holistic choices.

nature provides the perfect apothecary.



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mini kundalini kryas 
for health !

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awakening and transformation. Each krya, or sequence, is created for specific purposes.   So, it is perfect for our medicine cabinet!  

From balancing the brain, to inner and outer vision;  kryas to  build stamina and others to calm anxiety, and literally every ailment , every organ, system imbalance can be


life enhancement !

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crystals , gems , minerals 

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wisdom of the earth
plant diva medicine oils 

pure and powerful

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a dear friend and local wildcrafter , amanda powers , has created some amazing all natural, organic products for health and wellness .   we ae happy to be offering a few here in our apothecary , as part of a recipe designed just for you !


CBD oils

       333: Is a 30 day daily supply of 11mg of CBD. Pure organic food grade MCT coconut oil containing pure CBD isolate infused with 528hz frequency of Love.