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masjahology: treating the whole you

Let us create a holistic, comprehensive program for optimum health and wellness for you . Pick and choose the perfect combination from our menu for a one time fee !  Call for a consult today ! 508-292-6131 

fitness : function & mobility , endurance & strength

bodywisdom comes from really listening . our bodies create certain patterns of moving and functioning  over & over , and these are not always the best for us ! 

help us find your best - classes, trainings, one on ones .. we have partners in pilates, chiropractic care,  physical therapy, dance, and offer spinning, cardio circuits, fitclasses and personal training . 

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Reiki shares, Certifications, classes 

Channeling classes

ISound & Energy private and groups 

Intuitive Psychic Readings

Discovering your intuitive abilities workshops 

Past Life Regressions  

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Combination of Physical training, alternative therapies, sound, and energy work  for body, mental , emotional health . 

 Body work , Massage 

Shamanic Healing sessions  


yoga & meditation 

an overall health program involves stretching, yoga for mind body breath, and meditations - moving , still, chanting , mudras ... let us help you bring this key component of sacred / inspired /healthy living , into your life

Gentle Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga -  & meditations classes

Kundalini , the yoga of awareness. each krya/ sequence is created for a specific purpose.  From balancing our brainto deep inner and outer energy shifts , there are kryas for every ailment. Every organ, system, imbalance and dis- ease can be addressed and changed with practice .


Moving meditation & dance 

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masjah medicine

 Welcome to our holistic medicine cabinet and find how food can be medicine , essential oils enhance and heal,   crystals and gems can balance, calm and deepen awarenesses, and Sound is indeed  transformational . 


Nutrition Consults and programs

Wisdom of the earth oils -  consultations and                our Oils Bar in studio H  

Crystals for sale, Crystal Classes

Sound Healing events and private sessions 

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       Indoor and outdoor events : drum circles, full and new moon gatherings, workshops 

        Book and Clothing Swaps 

        Lending Library and Free stuff basket

         Resources for your needs 

         Many people and groups sharing the spaces at Masjah , and creating a space for expression , creativity , gatherings, and support . 

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