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sound journeys sundays
4PM & 7pm

sunday, sept 24 

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Take a journey, with sound and meditation.  
    The experience is personal ,  and yet , collectively we connect. Of Course !    With the use of many sound instruments, we take you through landscapes, rivers, deep oceans, and into the cosmos . Or whatever and wherever you go ! 
      You may just revel in the symphonies , and be in the bliss of healing vibrations. Some even fall asleep . 
       Make sure you have water , a blanket is you like , and anything else you would like on your sound trip !

$35 at the door, $37 ONLINE AND $30 FOR REGULARS 


Energy Elevation &
sept 30  1- 2:30 

Join Chantell & Tracey for an amazing
workshop !
-Gentle Yoga to move stuck energy. 
-A simple beautiful meditative script to 
create the life you want .
- Crystal bowl sound healing 
-Discussion and Closing 

$30  cash, check, credit, venmo

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Yoga for Bone 
Health with Erin
Tues. & Thurs.
Great class! 12 postures that 
deepen awareness & strengthen bones.
Meet 2x / week for the month 
$90 for series 
ashley bowls .heic
Sound  Meditation 
with Ashley 
October 7 
5 pm
Tibetan Bowls , Crystal bowls and chimes play for a gentle relaxing meditation .  
Connect with  heart , breath, and deep relaxation, to facilitate healing and renewal . 
 Group Past Life Regression for
healing & Insight 
with Jeffrey

October 15 
1:30 - 3 pm 

Past life, or memory regression is one of the most powerful tools for 
healing multiple levels of our lives.
It offers an experience that  affiems an appreciation of our eternal beingness 

In this group guided regression , you will be guided to journey within , to another place and time , where there is information to help you with a healing goal or life challenge .
come prepared with a healing goal, a pen . paper ,

Reiki l , Shoden ,
First Degree 
certification & 
with Ally Mae 
Oct. 7 & 8 
1-4 pm 
See our Reiki page for description.
Ally has dedicated her life to Reiki and energy work . She is certified and attuned  to Reiki Master Teacher and is currently continuing on this path of Level IV  by offering this class ! 
$111 includes manual, attunement , and life changes 

Gentle movements to clear energies and prepare for meditations , deep states of peace to help rewire your mind to create the life you want. 
Then deep relaxation with crystal bowls . 
This combination is so powerful !


Sound Meditation 

Tibetan Bowls, chimes, crystal bowls and pyramids are played during meditation . 


with Ashley Woodworth 

Oct 7 

5- 6:30pm 

Sound meditation is an integrated practice that combines a restorative setting with an emphasis on breath, mindful presence, and judicious listening. Instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, etheric chimes, frame drums, rattles, and crystal pyramids are played during the meditation. This container empowers participants to use sound as a therapeutic tool to disconnect from the monkey mind and delve into an embodied state - disengaging from habitual patterns of thought and behavior, intitating beneficial cognitive change.




text 508-292-6131 masjahstudios

A guided Group Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session

for Healing and Insight with

Jeffrey Ashur 

October 15 $25

1:30- 3pm



   Past Life Regression is among the most powerful tools today to catalyze healing on multiple levels in our lives. It offers an experience that affirms an appreciation of our eternal beingness and energetic nature. As a mode of healing, it touches on the emotional, physical & spiritual.


In this guided Past Life Group Regression, you'll be guided to journey within... to another time, another place where there's information to help you with a healing goal or life challenge. The time we spend together will be a healthy sampling of what takes place during a full 1-on-1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis session in the style of Dolores Cannon.


Come prepared with a healing goal and pen & paper. Know that we’re delving into the quantum realm, of infinite possibility so keep an open mind to whatever shows up for you. A state of allowance enables your best experience. 


Come prepared with a healing goal and pen & paper.    Know that we’re delving into the quantum realm, of infinite possibility so keep an open mind to whatever shows up for you. A state of allowance enables your best healing experience 

Jeffrey may be reached at:

or text 508-292-6131 masjah studios 



with Erin Li 


October Tuesdays & Thursdays

8:30- 9:30am $90 


Reiki l , Shoden First Degree .


with Ally Mae


October 7 & 8

1-4 pm $111


Ally has been training and living the 


As well as other energy healing modalities. 


Reiki, a form of energy healing, is an ancient practice that is used to reduce stress, improve health and quality of life, and support physical and emotional healing. Research suggests that using Reiki as a complementary therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal body and mind via the relaxation response. Reiki is accessible to everyone and is easy to learn. Practitioners use specific hand positions, held for a few minutes on or near the client’s clothed body.



OR TEXT 508-292-6131 masjah studios 

lots of great fall happenings ! see you soon!

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