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                     sunday sound journeys
                               4 and 7 pm 
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learn more about our :

Super bowl
Sunday ! One super sound bath 3 practitioners at 4pm {7pm canceled}

Take a journey, with sound and relaxation.
    The experience is personal ,  and yet , collectively we connect.   With the use of many sound instruments, we take you through landscapes, rivers, deep oceans, and into the cosmos . Or whatever and wherever you go ! 
      You may just revel in the symphonies , and be in the bliss of healing vibrations. Some even fall asleep . 
       Make sure you have water , a blanket is you like , and anything else you would like on your sound trip !

$35 at the door, $37 ONLINE AND $30 FOR REGULARS 


Also Accept venmo
and cash at the door 

Energy Elevation &Transformation
                      feb 24    1- 2:30



  join Chantell & Tracey for an amazing
workshop !
-Gentle Yoga to move stuck energy. 
-A simple beautiful meditative script to 
create the life you want .
- Crystal bowl sound healing 
-Discussion and Closing 

$30  cash, check, credit, venmo

Breaking Soul Contracts&
Karmic Ties

Sharlene Sowers feb 17 saturday


Join Sharlene Sowers for a powerful class of transformation . There will be presentation and discussion , and then a 6 step process :

Meditation . 
Setting strong intention . 
Seeing what good that has come from the experience 
Clearing and writing . 

Sharing and Relaxation . 

Donation: $10 - $20


Reiki ll Certification 
Feb . 10 & 11

with Tracey     info and sign up 508-292-6131


past life group

with Jeffrey Ashur
Feb 25, 1-3pm


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