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What a great Reiki fam happening !  In the past few months we have had Reiki I , ii and iii Initiations and attunements . 
Reiki I, First Degree or Shoden
Intro to energy and universal energy flow 
Rei - Universe / Divine 
Ki- energy 
It is about love of self and self care , for the exploration of energy begins with our own awarenesses. 
Reiki II , Second Degree , or Okuden 
Taking the next step into being a conduit of healing . This level is the beginning of one beginning to practice Reiki in professional setting . The Reiki Symbols are learned and distance healing is introduced .  Connections and Synchronicities , and learning from one another . Pathways open and deeper awareness comes . 
Reiki III , Third Degree , or Shinpiden 
The Gateway to Mastery 
One is attuned to the master symbol, and initiated into a whole way of life .  This level is a commitment to sacred living and being in service . It is about Inner mastery, rather than becoming a " master " . Many call this level Master level , but it is but a gate, a beginning . It takes and requires of you , years of experiencing , receiving and giving and an internal feeling of being worthy of such a title as master . 
In this level we  explore deeper into quantum fields , connections and origins with ancient and other modalities .  
We begin with a Beginners Mind, over and over again .
Reiki Master 
The humble student and servant feels a deep calling to teach and to further dedicate into this way of being . 
Learn how to perform attunements , create curriculums , resources for all your teaching . Study , Discipline and Surrender . 
Tracey is a Reiki Master in the Usui 
tradition, and has spent over 20 years 
in Metaphysical studies, Shamanic healing,
and many other healing modalities.
She has lived her life anchored in physical fitness and sport, as well as yoga and bodywork, while attaining degrees in Sociology, Education and Holistic Health Counseling. 
She is a channel, healer and spiritual counselor- teaching how to live an inspired life. 
She brings all this to her Reiki Classes. 
Transform your life.
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