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MAY 12 at 7pm 
{ 4pm session Canceled 
this week}   

   Most SUNDAYS   4pm &  7PM
   $35  call or text to confirm 
 $30 regular sound participants 


Crystal and Tibetan bowls , Chimes, Crystal Harp, drums, Shakers and more
--  A sound collaborative of practitioners all over Cape join together - for a unique 
experience !

-- Healing on so many levels .
-- Meditations. initiations, activations 


Sound is medicine --Shabda Guru - the supreme nature of harmony, and Naad Brahm, the yogic science of Melody & Rhythm are ancient concepts that today, are recognized , with conclusive data, that SOUND HEALS. 

Connecting in to sound vibrations in these healings and immersions, strengthens our abilities to listen deeper. Understand more .  


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