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sound  healing collaborative

 Inspiration in sharing 

When our song/ sound bird  partners, ,Paul and Aisling , flew south, I had to decide what to do !  I had my bowls etc, so I invited a fellow sound bowl healer to play with me, and soon there were many interested in collaborating ! 

Now, every Sunday, unless we have to cancel , we have two or even three practitioners  bringing their bowls and drums and magical sound instruments and what fun and inspiration we have had !

thank you for visiting this page, and we hope to see you at a sound bath healing  

sharing space

Masjah Studios is home to many . In addition to our members, class pass people and drop ins to classes, we have groups renting studios, as well as single events. 

Cape Cod Rowing,Lighthouse Charter School, NMD dance studio are some of the groups- we also have single yoga events, monthly events, and sometimes one person  coming in for space ! 

So, it is not a new experience to have people coming in , but it is amazing  to have    people - all women right now - dedicating their time and sharing their love of sound healing every Sunday. 

Thank you everyone !

Meet The SoundTeam

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