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sound healing collaborative

 Inspiration in sharing 

Every Saturday and Sunday at  7 PM


, Every Saturday and  Sunday, unless we have to cancel , we have one  or more practitioners  bringing their bowls and drums and magical sound instruments and what fun and inspiration we have had !

thank you for visiting this page, and we hope to see you at a sound bath healing  

sharing space

Masjah Studios is home to many . In addition to our members, class pass people and drop ins to classes, we have groups renting studios, as well as single events. 

The Sound Healing Collaborative was born as there was an opening for sound baths and sound sessions..

It has been an amazing experience to be a part of women coming together , to not only bring their bowls, and chimes, and didgeridoos- drums and flutes and rattles , , gongs and more  - but to also share their sacred instruments with each other and Masjah . And to bring such love of music and sound healing to all who come . 

Meet The SoundTeam

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