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Yoga & Tarot Readings
emily wallace
personal training , group training classes
Personal training, group strength classes and always smiling !
Amanda Powers
Hypnotherapy, Yoga
Sarah Ci
Spinning , Spin Yoga
Kundalini Yoga and Essential Oils Workshops
sarah swain
Singer, Songwriter, founder Cape Cod Collaborative, Dancer, etc Teaches Total Body Dance on wed and fridays at 815 until September when she goes on a sailing adventure! Eileen and Kierstyn will be filling in for this amazing class ! extra fee
Sally LaRue
Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Personal Trainer and more!!
Joni Tuttle
Joni teaches Pilates and Spin and is just awesome . Check out her classes on Thursday mornings at 8 am and 915
Zumba !
Kierstyn brings the beauty and grace of dance to her Zumba classes
Crystal Bowl events
Tracey offers meditations , sound healing events and workshops
Connie has been teaching amazing aerobics and strength classes for many years!! Pictured here on the left, Connie is always smiling! She also teaches Spin and just about anything we ask her to!
Tracey Crowell
Founder, Director, Personal Trainer, Spinning, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, meditations, healing , etc
Sharon Loeffler
5:30 am girl!! 6 days a week !
Cant get a pic cuz she is so busy!
masjah kundalini
Bevin Stark teaches kundalini yoga on Tuesdays at 630pm
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