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 We believe in community and service. We believe in balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit!  We are here to help each other enhance our lives with health, abundance, vitality , peace joy and wellbeing!

    M                 A                 S                 J                 A                 H
Movement     Awareness     Strength     Joy     Aloha     Health
                                   Masjah Studios was born in response to a community need for space when  a women's gym closed abruptly and there were people literally wandering around the parking lot of a busy plaza! 
                                               A story of synchronicity, faith, hope, and well, Magic! A community came together and created a new space: a space for workouts, for gatherings, for freedom of expression and creativity; a place in which one can be nurtured and feel belonging, and also be responsible for one's own wellbeing, while being guided and supported.                 
    BUILDING COMMUNITY:  Creative Health & Joy                           
     In addition to a full schedule of classes , memberships and packages, Masjah is an incubator for creative flow; expression of health and wellbeing.  We didn't realize this at the time of opening , but have seen it evolve into a strong community based space-- calling for not just Masjah members , but people everywhere , to come and share their offerings . 
          Beginning with planting the seed for belonging and gathering, we are amplifying a field of unified callings .
     SHARED SPACE OPPORTUNITY                                                            
      A.  Each business / Person  comes in as their own entity, with  their own business plan under the guidance of Masjah's mission.. . “Masjah- embodying our similarities for alignment of our spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing in a renascence community”
      B.  Vision - diversity of community of holistic practitioners and learners. sharing space and contributing to the good of the whole .
      C. The logistics :  A  calendar and a  plan of best utilization of space while honoring the classes at Masjah an the trainings , practitioners already in place .A well documented and solid plan of contributions . Regulations in place.  
        A unique blend of physical fitness , overall wellness , with a spiritual component . A community with like minded visions, to learn and grow, to create and thrive , to help others and help the world . 
If you are interested in this , in sharing a space with others in creative , physical, and spiritual harmony ,  please contact us . Thank you 
The body expresses itself through movement!
Find what is " right " for you. How does your body move ? What does your body need to feel fit?
             What fitness program or class fits you ? How are you moved ? 
Bringing awareness ,without judgement or thinking too much, to your challenges, your pains, the places that would benefit from attention, is the first step to doing something.
We have experts to help you, and if we are not able to, we will direct you to professionals and places who can. 
Bringing awareness to local peoples going to through difficulties, and also peoples and causes around the country, and globally, helps us to take action, however small. 
Bringing awareness to higher vibrational energies, to different modalities and cultures, and to a new way of cognitively aware multi-dimensional thinking.
 Inner wisdoms and physical strength ! Stamina, Endurance , Building and creating  strong bodies , minds and spirit 
         What brings your body Joy? What sings your soul ? Brings you alive?
Joy in Expression and Acceptance:
Acceptance of you just as you are, and honoring, guiding and supporting you in what you choose to create in your life. 
 Joyful Sharing of life energy in the present, and  bringing affection, compassion, peace and love to every living moment. 
   If you come to visit masjah space, you will feel the spirit of aloha ! 
Holistic Health means taking into account all aspects of health - Physical , emotional, mental, spiritual . One's whole story must be honored , one's beliefs and truths, one's past experiences and the stories one has created - all are part of one's overall health and life experience . 
                    We all go through changes in rhythms where our workouts and working within changes. Sometimes we must push past our comfort zones; sometimes we must rest.  Being in your wellness means honoring the cycles. 
Health is about being nourished, supported. Nutrition is key! Learn new ways of eating and being. 
Health is also allowing our bodies to heal . We have everything we need within our mind body.  
Learn to live in harmony..
Woven into the very fabric of Masjah Studios, is  a consciousness of Loving Kindness, Taking care of one another , Respect, Acceptance, Right Action, Reciprocity , and honor.
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word on the street is ...

"Masjah holds a special place in my heart and I am grateful to be a part of it." -Tina
“Masjah is the first fitness regime  I have been able to stick with. It is as much a physical experience as a mental transformation. I am in a better place in my life now. Masjah Rocks!" -Jill
"This place is the best I have
ever experienced!" -Brian
" Masjah Center keeps me centered- mentally, physically and spiritually." -Donna
" It's the personal bonds that evolve from all we share in this very special place that make it amazing!. There is so much that is good for the soul here- while you are getting a workout." -Suzanne
The energy of Masjah is so deep and real, I can always feel the authentic love and care that is at the center of this very special place!"     ~ Nicki

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