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Wisdom of Earth Essential Oils
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masjah heals

our amazing team of  healing and massage practitioners

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Tracey Crowell

Personal Trainer, Bodyworker, ,Integrative Medicine Therapist ,Intuitive Healer, Channel,  Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Healer ...


Paul Zoino 

Paul Zoino is an Ordained Minister, Certified Holographic Sound Healing practitioner, Certified Octavial Repatterning Sound Healing practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal healing practitioner, grid worker, channeled healing practitioner, Access bars trained, Mediumship trained, with many psychic abilities and happen to be truly in love with sound healing. Doing sound healing sessions, ceremonies and public gatherings for about 18 years. I have had the experience and pleasure working for thousands of people and harmoniously working with many practitioners in the art of sound weaving.


Valerie Jamieson

Intuitive Tarot Readings , Yoga Instructor 

Valerie's readings are like no other! You will love these sweet and gentle . magical and positive vibed experiences !



sharing a sweet space with alex ,she is offering intuitive readings, energy healing  and more 

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reiki healing

alex is now offering private sessions in her beautiful  healing room at masjah she also offers products and coaching 

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We have a community network of healers, doctors and medicine people- local and all over the country !  They work remotely , in their own studios and come to Masjah as well .
There are so many resources for health and healing .  
Please inquire about what you are looking for , and we will pick the right fit for you ! 

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