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No Classes at the Studios: 
We are building a video library for you . 
Thursday< April 2, 4pm   Masjah Dance in Parking Lot ! 
Saturday < April 4, 8 am Workout on Hardings Beach ! 
contact us at 508-292-6131  for more info 
Stay Safe and Be Well ! 














   Love Life Hypnotherapy


            with Babetta Hayes

J            Saturdays 10:30- 12


Begin with discussion and introduction and then move into questions and answers. Babetta has an amzing way of asking just the right question to address what may be concerning you , and also to see just what it is that you are truly  wishing to manifest - way hidden in the deepest part of you ! 

Once you have made some discoveries through inquiries, Babetta then brings the whole group into a guided meditation . 

Gift yourself with getting to know your self ! 


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