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Transformation & Re-Birth

And so, after two weeks, we have a newly renovated studio ! Wow. I am just blown away by all the giving, and all the community efforts, and the magic. We are all reminded , life is indeed magical . A couple months ago, I was working on this website , and wanted to have an uplifting pic for the home page . I couldn't find the pics I had of Studio M , the big studio, and so i googled " Cool Studios" . A pic of a yellow walled studio , light and bright came up and oh! i said , Cool. I love this! But as I began working on the fonts , etc, I was wondering why I was using another random studio on my website , and so, I abandoned the " cool studio " pic and found one of Studio M . Yes. makes sense.

Springing into Amazing!

Oh! Spring is indeed here, and rebirth , renewal, re-set buttons, are here too! Renovations and Changes are whats happening here at Masjah, and WOW what a community here - giving their time and energy and enthusiasm for our new endeavors. There is a spirit that embodies global and universal awakening . Unity. Service. Joy. Love. New Classes, New members, New Perspectives and High Vibes !

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