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Transformation & Re-Birth

And so, after two weeks, we have a newly renovated studio ! Wow. I am just blown away by all the giving, and all the community efforts, and the magic. We are all reminded , life is indeed magical .

A couple months ago, I was working on this website , and wanted to have an uplifting pic for the home page . I couldn't find the pics I had of Studio M , the big studio, and so i googled " Cool Studios" . A pic of a yellow walled studio , light and bright came up and oh! i said , Cool. I love this! But as I began working on the fonts , etc, I was wondering why I was using another random studio on my website , and so, I abandoned the " cool studio " pic and found one of Studio M . Yes. makes sense.

Little did I know , { or somewhere in me I knew ..} That I was going to stand in Studio H, talking a picture of the new renovations, and it was going to LOOK LIKE the COOL STUDIO PIC!! Ahhhh, synchronicity .

Also, I was beginning to feel claustrophobic in the office. I wanted to move the desk. I couldn't concentrate. One of the dance classes in studio H , which was then smaller and adjacent to the office, was rocking the heck out of the office!

So what seemed like a total spur of the moment whim ,one Thursday night when classes were cancelled and all was quiet at Masjah , I began tearing apart the office. Our member Brian, and a friend, Cassie became my comrades in arms as we took apart the monster desk, and well, began the transformation . Studio O was a mess, as the office stuff was now all in there, and the whirlwind began !

I had contacted Chris Dynega a month or so before about doing a project in my home - he had just launched his new business in carpentry etc along with being an ayurvedic practitioner- and so I shot him a text to see if he might be available to take down a wall ...... and, as these happenings go when you follow the knowing path, he was!

And wow. Members rallied. First they had many creative ideas on how to raise the money to support this endeavor. Then others came an painted, still others spackled and sanded, hauled out debris. Someone helped with flooring, Another helped with mirrors. It was absolute perfection in that just the right person would come in with just the right gifts and talent at just the right time .

Oh, there were some glitches and set backs , but as it continued to unfold, we knew that each one was a blessing.

Everyone had ideas of what to do , how to do. { We all concurred that I am horrible at painting . and taping . and pretty much most things ... lol }

and it was awesome . The creative vibes were almost dizzying !

My boyfriend stepped up to the Masjah plate and continually hit home runs - out doing himself on being there and taking care of all the to dos.

We met new people, we grew closer to others, and a new studio was born .

I handed the check to Chris, as we stood there in the space, and we both teared up , recognizing what a sacred gift this has been to everyone involved .

And no worries ! There is plenty more to do !!

So may we Dance, Practice, meditate , and CREATE in this space. Grateful beyond words .

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