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new moon full solar eclipse

'"Monday’s solar eclipse in Aries is no joke. It requires us to confront the discomfort of (metaphorically) burning away what isn’t meant to stay. Occurring at 11:20 am PT, conjunct the Chiron cazimi, this eclipse invites us to go deep into our shadowlands and transmute our wounds." chani nicholas astrologer

A Maori Saying goes" Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows fall behind you . Today We look up to the sun , for here on Cape Cod today is SUNSHINE !! If you are somewhere with no sun , then we are sending you some sunshine in your hearts ! Today , we will face away from the sun and face our shadows. and accept, and let go, and dance in the life of this moment.

Today , NEW MOON and Full Solar Eclipse --- and much awareness and activity , and yes even fear about it -

But it is significant . For a short while , we look up at the sky, to a happening that is larger than ourselves . In our very logical lives, magic comes from the light of our sun , and the shadow of our moon .

And the chatter today is not about politics or war or fear or ailments or challenges .... It is about a natural event and the mysticism of it .

. We are sharing special glasses, if there are any left, , and basking in a sun that is watching the moon dance in front of it , until the moon casts it shadow on earth .

We are perhaps remembering past eclipses, we are gathering .

We are remembering past times , ancient timesfrom lives past , and ancestral lineages .

We are shedding the past now , and being in this present moment .

We are standing on the doorway to future , as we embrace our light and our dark .

As iI write, the eclipse has begun and so , Many Blessings to all !!!

love light and new moon healing darkness

, tracey


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