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Ostara/ Vernal Equinox / Spring !

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." ~ Audrey Hepburn

If you look up " when is Equinox 2024," you may see March 19 as the date . This seemed funny to me , as it is always March 20, or 21st ..... In my yoga class , Monday , We touched upon this before we began our practice , and remarked on another example of time , and dates , being an illusion really .

When I woke up Tuesday , the 19th, pondering on why I have a "busy " day on equinox { usually , on a day of ceremony and significance, my days are not so full . Space opens up . }, I was delighted to see some emails come in this morning , saying Ostara , the name of the Pagan and Wiccan celebration of Spring and Equinox is at 3 am on March 20 . In reading further, from other sources, the dates were pretty well matched , making this Equinox March 19 - March 20 .

Ahhhh I ended up in the ER That day! All is well, and all test are good ... hmmmmm.

March 19 I had a " day of rest " - sometimes , the universe just gives you what you need and it doesn't look or fell very good !

Today , March 20 . Ostara . from which the word Easter came , Spring . The sun shines and New beginnings, new sproutings, awarenesses come from the bits of chaos and challenge . The wind whispers that change is in the air, and that we are invited to embrace a newness of life. Welcome a change in perspective.

We are well aware of the tragedies , fears, challenges, etc of this world . We do what we can, we say our prayers and offer our help as best we can .

Because of social media, phones, watches, devices ... we are alerted of happenings every second. Notifications come in with a beep or ring or sound , that unless we turn them off, they can illicit a response of fight or fight in our systems . The news we see unfolding, the stories we hear , creates highways of "On ALERT" in us.

What if our notifications were of magical happenings .

Because magical happenings are bountiful .

And they are happening everywhere . In the least expected places.

And we ARE receiving notifications all the time ! In everyday occurrences , in songs, and conversations , and bird calls and starlight !

Today and this week, Go outside and be in the nature of beginnings and hopes . Be in the sunshine or rain or wind and feel . To feel is to heal . Know you are part of this unfolding tapestry of courageous life awakening . Move. Stretch .Breathe .

If you can not go out , then go within , and let your imagination take you to safe places and beauty places . Follow the wind of breath and the fires of movement - even clapping your hands , or tapping your collar bones,. stomping feet -. flow with the waters , even when they are tears , and be embraced and held in the temple of you as you . The greatest your that there ever was, is and will be .

Blessings blessings blessings!!!!!



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