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Welcome Scorpio Season & Full moon

What is so cool about scorpio season , and a full moon and partial eclipse, and Halloween /Samhain, is that it gives us all permission to believe in magic , to be our wacky creative selves, and to dive deep into our selves . I mean into the dark recesses of our beliefs, thoughts processes, fears ... This season gives us permission to take a good look at the truths about ourselves and be ok with all that we are ! Some of our "stuff " may seem dumb, some may seem soooo spoooky and weird that we can't really go there . Do we want to create a change in our lives ? Are we ready to let go of the being afraid of being less than ? We do not have to engage in the drama and trauma of exploring the deep. W,e just can look in the mirror and. in seeing the myriad of faces and personas and masks we wear, we can smile a knowing smile . find the loving and accepting heart , and forgive ourselves . { and maybe we cry and stomp our feet , and curl up into a ball for a moment or days ..} and w ecome out with some deep wisdoms that words can not describe .

But we can feel them . And its amazing .

And our courage and willingness, and our playfulness , in our challenges and explorations : our gifts and our help to change our worlds . Inner, Outer and all around .

Many blessings for such wonderful, enchanting , magical , delightful experiences this week !

feel free to contact me for info on events. private and group sessions, or to share your experiences !

Full moons


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