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Winter Solstice

There is something about the dark and cold . There is something about the deep stillness . There is magic here in these hours before light , on the morning of Solstice and the opening curtain of Winter's turn on stage . AHHhh- and on this short day , in which our everyday living doings and beings will be in dark, my dog/ animal ally wakes me up at 5:25 am . Seriously ? Are we not supposed to sleep in these days ? {Actually , I was stirring anyway -- the call of a day nudging me to come and play . } There is something about candle light . Brings us back to connect with our ancestors and invites us to remember that We are ancestors . We create our lives in ways that will be carried into f

New World, for sure!

Oh ! I can not believe it has been a year almost since i wrote in here ! I wrote posts on inst and fb an in journals and i guess everywhere else ! In my writings and meditations this morning i kept feeling website website ..... so here i am . and its true . a new world is here . today , on winter solstice 2019, it feels like all we have been talking about and learning and experiencing and preparing for is here , now . what does this even mean ? Hahah i do not know , really . but things feel different . and it is not all the crap that is going down --- no it is a hopeful , newness . Yay. So welcome . welcome to new year indeed !!!

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