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Winter Solstice

There is something about the dark and cold . There is something about the deep stillness . There is magic here in these hours before light , on the morning of Solstice and the opening curtain of Winter's turn on stage .

AHHhh- and on this short day , in which our everyday living doings and beings will be in dark, my dog/ animal ally wakes me up at 5:25 am . Seriously ? Are we not supposed to sleep in these days ?

{Actually , I was stirring anyway -- the call of a day nudging me to come and play . }

There is something about candle light . Brings us back to connect with our ancestors and invites us to remember that We are ancestors . We create our lives in ways that will be carried into future ages . So as we light our candles and our christmas trees , and gently flip a little switch so our candles in the windows glow in the darkness , we bring the light , just as those before us .

Let us do it in great reverence , today and all days .

Ohh , indeed ! It is not as warm and fuzzy and gentle sometimes . We stumble on the way . We hurt . We have scenarios playing in our heads , and to do lists that require energy we may not feel we have right now . And year end stuff -- the papers and renewals and .... did that bill just go up again ? Never mind that around this time of year I seem to have dental work needed .... Billy Joel's soma " Pressure " just popped into my sugar plum head .

Its scary . Its weird and its disconcerting . Whatever the " ITS " are for you .. Lets all remember we are not alone .

One of THE MOST KEY THINGS is to connect .

Winter is about communal gatherings . Sharing . Supporting . Winter also , in Chinese medicine , about bones { oh yea and teeth} We sure can feel the cold deep in our bones . Because its about bones and moving deep within the marrows of our being .

Care for ourselves and each other .

Especially this year , at a beginning of a new decade . and its a pretty big one , 2020 , sprawled out with arms open !

How shall we perceive this ? How shall we greet this new year ? How shall we honor the YULE TIDE happenings and the RETURN ON THE LIGHT ?

By RETURNING TO OUR OWN LIGHT . and keep moving into the heartsease of feeling and being. Being and knowing in this newness . Dealing with the tough stuff with the ease and grace of brushing our hair out of our face as a large wind blinds us . Our tough stuff is temporary . Our hair won't stay in our faces - our hats won't wlays blow away m, and eventually the winds die down to breezes . warm ones ....

As i write , the day comes . With no horns and announcements or events on facebook . The day doesn't have an instagram story . And yet . it comes . and yeah , it is real .

The day comes in a subtle moment , without hesitation . with pure being and light .

Lets be grateful . I sit in my warm home with my candles and electricity lighting my way . Grateful . and the moment you open to grateful , you are filled with it . great filled . and you feel something -- yup the something that GRINCH felt . Why do we love Grinch ? Cuz we are grinches too . every single one of us in one way or another - maybe not often , but we are reminded that there is something greater than all the " stuff " ... thanks Grinch .

" stuff " only has a capital "S" if we write it that way .

Spirit , has a capital " S " . Go there . Capitalize your Spirit , Love, Truth , Joy , Light . and even the big stuff willl become small in comparison .

Welcome day , Welcome light .

Let us let our hearts sing and glow in the night .

Let us run and dance , and then be still .

Let us drop our pretenses and strong will .

Let us join hands and face the face the fears

With courageous hearts and grateful tears .

Let us ring the bells of hope through the halls !

For Peace and Love and Joy to all .

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