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a time to give, to live, to receive . to believe .

I am filled with gratitude for our community at Masjah , and for all who are connecting with us by checking out the website , connecting through insta and fb, and reading these blogs. The seemingly random meetings, when people wander up the stairs , curious as to what goes on in a space above an appliance store, a pizza shop , and Ace Hardware , always turn out to be not so random! And, so often, sacred spaces and portals to deeper awareness and healing can be found in the most inconspicuous places ! Our instructors, and members , and those who rent the space for their practices and events all create such a diversity , that is sometimes challenging to explain exactly what Masjah offers.

Sometimes , there is a yoga class in the big studio,, while little young dancers in tutus, or teen dancers , are in the yellow studio practicing . sometimes little ones are running n the hallway .... ahem ....., but , the practice of yoga can be enhanced by the energy of cheery, expressive life ! Music classes for kids, fitness classes for adults , spinning and sound healing , movement medicine and yoga .. Private sessions in fitness , yoga, dance and holistic health . Events and workshops - this coming year , from the Ashram in Millis Mass- a kundalini yoga workshop , Hypnosis and Sound workshops, Karmic Ties workshop , Qi gong and mini retreats..

The community extends far beyond the doors... our actual membership is pretty small - allowing for small classes and a more personalized experience - there are so many people from "all walks of life" that come and share the space . Renting by the month , or for a few events, or one single time . Masjah studios is a hub of creativity , but also a peaceful , powerful sanctuary ; a symphony hall of sound, music, and dance: a sacred temple for ceremony, gatherings, ; a school for metaphysical studies and experiences : a wellness center for healing , health counseling , fitness, holistic medicine , and alternative therapies for mental , emotional , spiritual , and physical health and wellbeing .

There is a deep sense of belonging . And for this, I bow to all who come through the doors and up the stairs . I bow to all those studios and practices that we are partnered with . I bow to the Great Mystery, and All that is . And I bow to you , shining your light .

It is a time for deep reverence, acceptance , radical change, going with the flow { that often feels like a storm }and making choices, Right action and being authentic and humble and present and grateful.


Whatever holiday you celebrate , or if you do not , may you be guided and protected and connected . May you find peace and strength and joy . May you feel free , May you feel home . Wherever you are .


Sat Nam



And so it is !

Thank you . Much Love,



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