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Community. The Magic of lovingkindness.

We have come a long way from our grassroot beginnings ! Masjah has always been a gathering place, a space for people to thrive and explore.. It has always been home to Bootcamps and Spinning; Yoga and Dance; Fitness trainings and events; meditations and healing events..... after almost 7 years, our community has grown and ohh the blessings of being part of a community of caring! Not only in Masjah, but in connections with other studios as well. The stories are many, and many people have given their time, money, and spirit to Masjah. Truly Grateful & in Awe. This story is about spinning / cycling bikes. As the spinning program has grown, our bikes have been having a bit of a mid life

2016. A year for Completion.

2016 promised all new and wonderful happenings, as every new year does. 2015 seemed to be a year of much growth through challenges, and 2016 was to be a gate way into awesomeness. ANd indeed, it Is! But, as we have learned, and the cosmic planetary events line up to support this, the beginning of this year was a tad rocky. The good ole stuff came up again.. different.. less charged, less pull on our very capacity to exsist here, but nevertheless, still coming aound. Many had false starts in the fitness arena, and resolutions were active ideas, but harder to implement than we would have liked. Its OK! We are rounding the bend, and we are ready to go ! Let's not tune in too much to the sho

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