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Community. The Magic of lovingkindness.

We have come a long way from our grassroot beginnings !

Masjah has always been a gathering place, a space for people to thrive and explore.. It has always been home to Bootcamps and Spinning; Yoga and Dance; Fitness trainings and events; meditations and healing events..... after almost 7 years, our community has grown and ohh the blessings of being part of a community of caring! Not only in Masjah, but in connections with other studios as well. The stories are many, and many people have given their time, money, and spirit to Masjah. Truly Grateful & in Awe.

This story is about spinning / cycling bikes. As the spinning program has grown, our bikes have been having a bit of a mid life crisis and , well, are cranky and not working so well!! By the open hearted giving spirit of Chris, we received two new bikes - { The " Sunny Red Ones " as they ae now called } . Ahhh, YES! But the program began to grow again, and with two of our original bikes out of the game with irreparable injuries, I decided to contact Michelle of Pilates Plus, for I knew she had been selling her spin bikes a while ago.

Meanwhile, the members began chatting about fundraising possibilties with much enthusiam. " Let's do a fundraiser " During spin classes they would be talking amongst themselves about ideas.

Fueled by their fire and warmed by their enthusiasm, I connected with Michelle and made a plan to go ride the bikes, of which she did have some left to sell.

Michelle is welcoming and kind , and we talked bikes and how much, etc , as I reminisced how I had once taight spinning for her on these very same bikes !

In the end, she stated " If you take the four, you can just pay me later, like a payment plan .."

It was agreed, with much gratitude in my heart!!

But, she went a step further - with just under and hour and a half before she had to pick up her child from school { we know how precious that time is to moms ..} She volunteered to transport them in her truck and deliver them !

With my boyfriend Chri's help and ever constant supportive energy, all four fit in her truck,. On the other end, we asked the Terry's appliance guys - { namely Tom.. } for a helping hand getting them up the stairs , and just by chance, they were not busy and gladly hauled the bikes into the spin room, .

Working together.

Then, one of our members, who would like to remain annonymous , made a donation to cover one of the bikes!

So, We are LAUNCHING a FUNDRAISER for the remaining bikes! I will put up a poster at Masjah for donations and also we will do a raffle, sell t shirts...

Couple things I am not great at - haha there are more than a couple !!! --- are parades and fundraisers , but i will do my best !!!

Such heart felt gratitude, indeed.


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