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It is happening .

You living your best life can be happening right now !

If you read this and do not believe . that this is true, then you will not tap into it, and you will not experience it . If you DO believe , even for a second , then you can build upon that spark of believing, and begin a new way of living ,

Every possibility is in every single moment . In every breath, in every cell in our bodies , there lies the seeds of infinite possibilities.

It is true .

Now, that being said, we can shake our heads at any moment and say "There is no way !" .

Or, we do believe and just do not know how to get there .

And, let's face it , many moments just suck. Many days and weeks are just plain hard . People have said to me " Oh Tracey , you are having a tough year . " Yes, this past year , and years before, brought great great challenge . Emotional , Mental, Physical Spiritual . And yet , the most amazing synchronicities and miracles { which , by the way , are inherent in every experience } have happened. Sometimes, during the toughest times , on the floor, crying, or curled up under blankets unable to face another second, is when something happens . some miracle or even the tiniest happening - and often we do not even notice it , but there is a shift . We are ok .

The circumstances, thoughts, events, beliefs, that brought you down, took you into a swirl . a rabbit hole ., were set up before you crumbled. If we are honest with ourselves , we can see, hindsight that this is true.

Sometimes,though, tuff stuff happens completely out of left field- completely not our fault. We are blindsided, or

disappointed, frustrated , sad. Have we played no part in this happening ? If not, and it is affecting us greatly, then we take a look at how we will respond. How can we come from the heart / higher perspectives?

What if we look at the slightest nuances and the tiny threads that weave our lives into and through and with others, with energies, with deep rooted beliefs about ourselves and our world.....What if we accept that we are in this { whatever "this " is } as part of the path of life we have been on . What can we see? What can we change ? How to move forward from it?

On a larger scale, If we look to the world, and we can indeed see how tragedy , oppression, war, poverty, disasters etc are happening , and it is disturbing and disheartening . Often we feel helpless and overwhelmed , and so we do what we can , we have conversations, we research and question. We take action . We do what calls to us , we build communities, re commit to our practices , and forgive ourselves for not doing more .

The seeds of possibility are still there . In the rubbles and troubles. the seeds to a greater purpose are being planted .

So, we do not dismiss lives lost and horrible happenings. We can not gloss over our own strifes and losses .

But we can , with just a thought , a breath - . Breathe to believe - and plant a seed of new beginnings . It gives us perspective , and encourages us to connect , to help one another , to be helped. as best we can . It calls us to see and know and feel that we are spiritual, energetic, consciousness first, and material, physical second.

We can develop a mindset , a miracle mindset .

As a HU MAN - in ancient cultures HU meant light , divine . Man , meant mind . So we as Humans, are given the great opportunity to bring light , divine, higher perspectives - to the mind!

It is our birthright !

Within our minds, we can align with experiences and choices that help lead us away from full immersion into that which is visible; that which is happening to us; that which is material .

We can re- align with a deeper knowing and acceptance of the invisible, the intuitive natures, the interconnectedness of all; the miracles that are always happening in us and around us .

The seeds of so many possibilities and blessings that we do not yet realize !

Get excited , become hopeful and curious. Begin to entertain the thought of what an amazing miracle you are . Know that behind you , beside you , above and below you , around you and within you , a most beautiful, future is unfolding, in the very seed of this present moment !!

Wishing for you to begin imagining what you would love to experience . What you life can be . Giving forward to your self, by forgiving yourself for whatever it is that has been , and walking with confidence and reverence onto your shining pathways ! What does your path look like ? If you can imagine it, then it is happening !




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