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super bowl sunday

Yes, the football bowl is happening , but we are talking about a Super Sound Journey at 4pm, with some SUPER BOWLS!

Sound is a way to carry information . When we speak, we are focusing on the content of what we are conveying, but a huge aspect - in fact in so many way, more influential than our words, is the frequency, tone, intonation, of how the sound is coming from us.

Many people dislike the sound of their own voice- For a long while I couldn't stand hearing my voice on recordings or videos ! when I began to delve into the world of sound and sound healing , I naturally would begin to hum and tone with the bowls, and began to accept my sound self - and healing my throat chakra with the G note bowls ! In Kundalini Yoga, we learned how so important sound - our own sound ~is vital our wellbeing , self awareness and spiritual awakening .

The gateway of the throat chakra is a channel through which faith and trust in our selves resonates from deep within , out to the world . Many in our world feel they have no voice, no say in their lives. Indeed- oppression , prejudice, fear , deep rooted beliefs, can shut down the ability to speak ones truth . In my own exploration of sound and how I had little confidence to speak , never mind sing or chant , I tuned into a childhood memory .

I used to hum all the time ! haha I distinctly remembered being told to stop humming . Especially at the dinner table ! Many times I had to leave the table because I would just start humming again , even after multiple warnings . My parents were wonderful parents , but they had some definite rules, and that one put me on a long journey of reclaiming my sound. my self .

This Sunday, we are gathering 3 or even 4 practitioners for a GALA Sound experience . The Crystal bowls will resonate through your body in a natural way , moving through your own sound channels to release and renew.

In time of a NEW MOON for beginnings , and The Lunar calendar NewYear of the Dragon- well, what a great opportunity to tune in , enjoy , and hum and sing if you like !

We will be setting intentions , centering and balancing before we begin, and then after, we will share if you choose, and take our time to bask in the afterglow .

Sounds like a perfect super bowl experience to me!

If you are not attending , you can take this time to hear, to listen to your own sounds- hum , sing, or simply breathe in though your nose, and exhale through your mouth with a gentle sigh . Placing your hands on the heart center , you can feel the vibrations of a most unique sound - the only one of its kind in the universe -


love and light and many happy hums ,



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