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Medicine Cards : Antelope

In this time of global pandemic , we have been picking medicine cards from the deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson .

How do we do this ? 'WE " is me , and you , and spirit ....

I close my eyes, thin k and feel all living beings , and ask - what shall help us today - our Masjah community, family , friends , and beyond ....

And then pick card ...

Today is Upside down Antelope . The message , you can find on the home page here on the website , or on masjah studios facebook or Intstagram page .


if you need a bit more than the message today , or can not physically go into action ..

Picture an antelope . on the ground. Doesn't matter how he got there , but he has been unable to move .

Now, he has decided , he must get up .

Imagine , you can see him , righting himself , rolling over in great strength , and getting himself up to standing !

See him / her standing now tall and strong and well !

See two paths unfold in front of the antelope . This is a crossroads , in which the antelope stands . Antelope makes a choice on which path to take at this time . Antelope knows it is the time of action .

See Antelope walking with decisiveness and confidence and ability, to one of the paths .

Feel how " right " the path feels .

See the antelope proceed down the path .

Be with the feeling of that .

KNow that this is helping you .

Bring yourself back to your present , and feel the power within .

namaste !!!

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