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Happy Earth Day & New Moon

Wow. What a day ! Each day , I pick a card from the medicine card deck . Shuffling , clear minded , the card comes and i share the message on instagram { which you can see by scrolling down the on the home page .

Here's the story of the cards today , and why there is two .

Yesterday , I was shuffling the deck , but instead of clear mind, I was thinking about ,Earth day { today } and activities... ceremony , my class , etc .

I picked Turtle . OH I realized - I had not been clear minded at all . I Had been thinking about Earth Day . maybe that card the was for me . Of course cards reflect the intention of the reader .. so , I breathed , felt all the peoples , and those who will read the post , those that won't ,,,,,,,

and I picked a different card for yesterday , which seemed much more appropriate for everyone .

{ reminder , to get my own self out of the way .. }

TODAY ! ahhhhhh .

I shuffle . Feeling the whole world , and everyone . Feeling grounded and clear .

I pick Upside down lizard .

hmmmmmm. where's yesterday's turtle ? would have been perfect .....

I tune into lizard , reading from the guide book to remind me , and then closing my eyes and letting the message come .

OH! Lizard is about dreamtime ! Contrary , { upside down card } is about inner conflict and lack of sleep , and worry --- nightmares instead of dreams ......

Indeed , the world is in a time of challenge , and inner conflict . Along with the beauty and magic and leaps of multi dimensional experience . Lizard has such a message about this .

Dreamtime . We dream our lives come true . Lizard beckons us to be in our imagination and realms of trust and non- linear thinking ...

Perfect ! I get a nudge to pick a second card

I ask , without being attached , where's turtle ?

I pick Turtle ! I laugh and am so grateful for these amazing happenings when they come .

Turtle .

Indigenous peoples on this contintent called the land turtle island . If you take the entire continents of North and South America , you can draw a turtle around it !

Turtle is earth . Connect to the Earth Mother . Ask for forgiveness , ask for blessings . Place your hands on the ground . Love and gratitude . Plant , be reverent . tend your fields and gardens and listen to the plants and rocks and streams as they speak , not a language of words , but a melody of the most beautiful kind .

On NEW MOON as well, it is perfect to have two cards , and one speaking of dreams and inner workings ,- the other , celebrating our physical beings and earth bodies .

Powerful doesn't not even begin to describe today .

Our prayers for you are that you walk in such light and see . That you feel the winds and can breathe . That you are warmed by sun and fire , and with the glow of one another . connection . That you know yourself , that you thrive in your earth body and rise with your beautiful spirit into the day !!


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