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cultivating the yum

The yummies. the Yam! The feeling of Yay!

In every moment there is knowing , if we can tap in, that holds us and keeps us safe within our self .

in every moment , we can meet our experiences from our heart space , { in Sanskrit , Yam is a seed sound corresponding to the heart center ]

in every moment , there is the seed of infinite possibility , and the opportunity for raising our vibe to " Yay "

The oh so wonderful feeling of being wrapped in a cozy blanket by a fire in the winter , or floating in cool waters on a hot summer day , or crisp cool air and sweaters and cups of tea....... what is your Yum ? sit with it for a moment . You have your own personal "Yum factor" , influenced by our spheres of friends and family and geographical locations ; physical , emotional and mental states , personal preferences ...

The circumstances in which you create , explore , invite and cultivate your Yum may change, but the feeling you can come to recognize and build upon !

Mydaughters and I recently went to a Himalayan Salt Cave . Right here , in the next town over , on a main street, is a store and sanctuary . they offer foot baths and sound healings and sessions in the beautifully crafted salt rooms . It was my christmas present to us , and they had never been .

oh YUM!! was the overall response . { they did not use the word yum, but had a great experience . } but one of us struggled at first , and decided to move into a chair instead of being on the sand salt floor. - And then , floated into Yum

.So in this context of cultivating your Yum, she recognized discomfort and difficulty , and leaned into what was best for her . She leaned into her inner guidance of self care and followed with action toward the feeling of Yum .

We can do this in our everyday lives . not in every moment, because as we all know , sometimes "YUM" is just nowhere to be found and the Yucks are all around !

Remember , In each moment , there lies the seed of infinite possibilities / the seed of your Yum . it is there.

The word Hygge comes to mind . feeling cozy, taking time in our lives , enjoying simple pleasures , relax into moments ... { essentially ... Yum . haha }

Anyway, how to cultivate this ? Things are tough ! tough stuff is going on ! Mercury just went into retrograde ! There are chaotic storms, interruptions, complications. Sad stuff , Mad stuff .

The trickster is up . Coyote, the trickster in native wisdoms , teaches us to laugh at our follies, trips us up when we are serious , pulls the rug out from under us .

It is part of our growth . Our life experience . It calls us to respond with our own truths and visions and learn . And see. And be. Listen . Take the next step with right action . Lean toward Yum , Yam . Trust that an aha moment , a Yay moment will emerge .

Be kind to ourselves , set our practices . Seek community. Keep our hearts open, our physical bodies healthy, and our minds at ease .

Yum .

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