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Autumnal Equinox

This year we have a full moon right before the Equinox . Illumination onto new pathways . We no longer can use the same well trodden pathways , the old familiar ways. Our inner innovator, our intuitive explorer, must now guide us through these gateways of new ways of being and thinking and living .

Equinox offers an opportunity to see. To feel. Balance comes of light and dark, and as we live in a world of opposites, we now see that the polarities, dualities, differences, are all part of the same . We can see, and we can feel and know now that even the biggest chasms of misunderstandings can be elevated to a higher level of awareness . We can learn and we can grow .

In this time of great abundance- the harvests , the sharing , the preparing for colder month in the north, we wish for you are some breaths and time . Some nourishment and balance . Deeper insights and harmony .

Go to the places and spaces of traditions and rituals and practices that resonate with you and are an offering for the highest and best good for all .

Peace and love and light to all !



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