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Ahh what a time !

Equinox, New Moon, Pluto entering Aquarius, Global happenings, shifts and drifts of Earth's Magnetic

poles...... Oh wow .

I talk with , and am contacted by many people . Through Masjah Studios , as I receive emails and work with clients. through family , friends associates , ,,, and I would say 90% have had some real intense stuff happening these past couple weeks . Myself included !

My own transformational- something is manifesting in the physical -- some long term pain and restriction in hips and back , which now is , well pretty crippling at times !

And yet, the amazing manifestations , healings, connections to people { Physical therapist, Myofascial Release therapist , chiropractors , acupuncture , reiki , healing circles , sound healing etc --- ] , have been amazing . The journey into discovery of myself AGAIN, has been , well, pretty deep and profound .

Pain gets to you . Pain is a teacher indeed .

We are all in a deeper layer of the wheel of life . The evolutionary leap that has been talked about and written about for so long , is indeed happening . Are we in the crux of it ? who knows . Some evolutionary patterns and global changes have taken millions of years ...

Things are speeding up though . Time is bending a bit and vibrational patterns are changing . Not to mention climate . But the earth is not a stranger to climate changes. Cyclical changes and patterns occur , and extinctions have happened due to changes in atmosphere and gases, and earth adapts , and life goes on .

And we can do what we can and feel good about that .

So, lets leave the what ifs and the what if we didn't do what's to themselves and talk about Renewal and magic, and Spring and Hope . Lets pay attention to sunny days and brilliant moons the sky . To hugging one another . Smiling . Dancing . Feeling our feet on the ground !

Play .

We are learning to be more connected , and deeply immersed , in our Higher Selves/ Higher consciousness . Our prayers and manifestations flow now as naturally as random and negative thoughts once did. Our intuitions are strong , and We devote much time to practices , exercises , traditions and disciplines to maintain a clear and centered way of being. We recognize that we always come around to the Beginners mind , the Apprentice , the Student . In this way , we are remain open to learning, and to being in service for the greater good. And in this way , we are cared for. supported ,and guided . Tough times happen. We move through, crumble, integrate, learn. Looking past our own challenges, as others come into our spheres of life with similar "issues" , we recognize that we are not living in a secluded bubble , but a rich , pulsing, connected collective. So , we trust, we re - align , we devote ourselves once again, to Joy.

Prayers and love to all !


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