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Ahhh, Spring .

We can't believe it has been so long since our last blog post !! Ahhh haha - yes , running a business , being in service of a community , engaging in life's happenings and well, living!, has left the blog pages , empty , Blank Slates . Waiting to be filled . Like our stories . Like each morning ! Like Spring !

Spring represents new beginnings, rebirth, rejuvenation . Awakening from Winter slumbers and internal workings .. time to clean out those inner thought processes and realms of hibernation , and move into a renewed sense of being .

Lots of changes have come in this past - what , year ? since posting . The main event , is that we are now Masjah Studios LLC , and have created a beautiful partnership ! Although we have announced on social media and email blasts , I didn't even think about blogging it , , as Spring opens her eyes and rubs the sleep from them ....

Kelly Bohl and I immediately recognized each other as soul companions when she came to Masjah as a member . You know the feeling - you meet a person , and there is an instant feeling of familiarity , like Oh ! Hi ! it is you! . You recognize something , you remember them from another time, another dimension , another life . And so it was like that for us , and somewhere in the flow of sharing in the magic of Masjah , she asked of I wanted a partner . And, after a time, without really thinking about it , I came to her ad said " yes, do you want to be partners ?"

Simple as that . Like it already had occurred and we just caught up to the energy of it .

And so here we Are! very busy in creating and co- creating , and learning and flowing and growing !

Just a TAD belated, but , Welcome Kelly! Happy Spring everyone !

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