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welcome to a new week

i open this blog and see how long it has been since i have written! time ... so much time, so little time , so much happening ! has it always been this way? have the happenings in the last two years changed our perceptions? oh haha yes indeed. .

so, this week , coming out of winter season , here . clocks changed . days lighter. we clean and purge and prepare to begin anew , as much of the world stands on edge, holding their hearts for peace .

what can we do, as war rages in places "far Away " and yet right on our living room screens . we tend to forget that other conflicts are happening , and icebergs still are melting in chunks, and injustices are everywhere . that we are getting but a small slideshow of the world events in our newspapers and on our devices . and then, we can tend to forget , because what can we do , and our own lives call our attentions .

well, last night we gathered in studio M , for a sound healing immersion . there were 9 , bolstered and blanketed on their mats to receive and let go and renew . of course when people gather with intentions of healing , and surrendering , something happens . a beautiful field is created , a container in which all the fears and thoughts move through , and are gathered up in a sound wave of love . and another and another . expression and connection and hope arises in us all . a knowing , a remembering begins to stir , once again , inside our hearts . we smile. we cry , we hold our hearts and beam light to all places in need . to peoples and beings; to all living creatures . and we feel it . deeply .

in the hallway , there is hugging and tears and so much gratitude . and "i love you " being said so sincerely , beyond constructs or attachments . or not being said , and being felt through eyes connecting and hands helping .

spring is coming . equinox is march 20 . what does that even mean in these times . A lot . for we must , over and over again , if necessary , commit to the practices that will best serve the highest good for all . and it begins with ourselves , and it begins with reaching out , with amplifying a field and belief so strong , that it can be felt , like a ripple effect , throughout the world .

full moon this week. the light of that moon can help send your hope and courage and strength to those in need . it is the same moon that shines in the windows of temples and ashrams, in halls of darkness , in shattered doorways . take care of yourself and then beam your heart light . magical moonbeams . believe . Raise your vibe by the light of this moon , coming before equinox .

these are powerful times indeed . go back to the principles of faith and trust , of loving kindness and right action . begin with the small conflicts in your own life and live the resolutions .

the old saying , be the change , rings deeply . it is time to use your gifts for the good of all . it is time to shine your light . go to the places in your heart , take care of your body , and discipline your mind . and follow your callings of joy and helping , of acceptance and understanding , and courage .


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