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Springtime in our hearts

Springtime is in our hearts. We have been moving through, and continue to recognize, endings of eras and beginnings of new inspirations. We have learned to listen , discern and trust : to know when action is needed and when stillness is required. We awaken to our inner resources and see our relationship to all living things . We are surrounded by nature coming to life and begin to see with new eyes and ears.. Our senses are more in tune than ever before, as we know ourselves as part of collective consciousness in form.

We take responsibility for our trash, our destruction, and our participation in a cluttered world. And we humbly offer balance by being mindful and respectful , and taking even the smallest actions in honoring the living, breathing , vibrancy of life .

This picture is from my son's mother in law's garden . She is a botanist and has created some beautiful spaces teeming with life !

Here on the Cape, we can find soo many intriguing and beautiful landscapes . As Spring unfolds, we at Masjah will be offering some outdoors workshops and classes , so stay tuned !

Happy April. May you discover great joys in the season of blossoming .



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