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How to be your authentic self, to follow your deep callings, whatever they may be

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. Woodrow Wilson

Many ask, " how can I even think about enriching the world, when I am going through so much , and the world is so crazy .?

You actually do not have to do anything . You , on this planet , at this time, are a perfection and synergy like no other being anywhere . you being HERE at this time is amazing .

We are all frequency / vibration . We are all mostly water , with electric currents running through us . Each one of us , in our most unique configuration , is absolutely perfect in the scheme and theme of life on earth . life in a universe , and part of multi universe complexes .

That being said, we do have a whole bunch of beliefs and emotions , thought processes driven by conditioning and indoctrinations , and genetic predispositions and epigenetic influences . Oh yes! THOSE!

The narratives , the brain wiring , the pathways , the overwrought and undernourished soul callings ......

We all have our way . It is indeed a life journey. We all are seekers, beginners , teachers over and over .

We can begin to awaken , heal and be , by tuning into our body - the great embodiment of earth and the cosmos. every cell has a brain , an intelligence . all the fascia , connected in a web , of seriously nothing less than divine magic , communicates within and all around . our gut brain and head brain connect with the highways of nerves and meridians. our gateways of sphincters and our moving systems of wind, fire , water and earth anchor us as we connect , knowingly or not , to other realms , Creator , Great mystery , God ....

Being human, we simply must anchor , clear , nourish , our auric fields and our physical being .

what does that mean to you ? what does that feel like in your own body . only you know . you nay need help to get to a place of knowing , but it is , truly , your own knowing .

be with this for awhile and see what comes up ..


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