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Seasons change and so do we

Seasons Change and so do we .

I know it is almost the end of September - indeed Fall Equinox is this week ! As most know by now , I have been in another world - recovering and rebalancing from hip surgery in August . It will be 4 weeks tomorrow. Wow I thought I would be fully back to teaching , training, doing healing and bodywork sessions ...

This week I start back , but slowwly . It has been a journey into mind /body/ spirit and deep shifts and deep changes . I am in great gratitude to all who have helped , gone over the top with being there for me , for everyone reading this , and all masjah members , teachers , and my personal clients , who have allowed me to have true space to heal . Masjah has been in great hands - such an amazing community . Still a ways to go for me ! But each day changes a bit - sometimes it feels backwards , so i rest and ice more , but it all actually is forwatd . embracing it all . most of time !

Fall is about change . Change of pace, focus, activities . There begins to be a different feel - it is traditionally the time to start a new program , re commit to health and fitness , get kids back to school , adjust to days becoming shorter and weather getting cooler . There is a vibe of a little more structure and grounding . It is a time to clean house and cleanse bodies , move in different directions if so needed.

It is the season of harvest - the fruition of all that was planted and growing in the spring and summer . We can look back to what we planted , what we nurtured - in our relationships, our health, our work, family, home, projects- and see: what we shall harvest and what can we learn ? How can we move forward now ?

Fall is about preparing , as well. For as we pay conscious attention to what we are harvesting , we are also gathering and preparing for the winter ahead . We may be canning and cooking and freezing our bounty , Or we may be experiencing the fruits of our labor in our everyday workings . Perhaps we are seeing how we did not plant all that we could have in the spring and summer , and so , we are re-directing and re- inventing . Maybe we are resting from a busy summer on Cape Cod and elsewhere !!

Clear away unfinished projects and make room for new activities . THis can be a wonderful time for new ways of thinking and new leases on life! Gather your thoughts and dreams, look at your challenges and goals , and make a reasonable plan . step by step .

The seasons change , and so , our breath - breathing in as deeply and completely as we can , cleansing our lungs, opening pathways . Taking time to be still , as the nights come earlier . And enjoying the abundance of life and the vibrancy of the ever changing world of nature .

Seasons change and so do we. Some times we barely notice. Most times in our busy lives , we do not stop long enough or consistently enough to truly be in the many layers of transformation and change that we experience . Every day . Every day our bodies change - our cells regenerating in sync with how we live and believe . We flow and fight and are co-creating our experiences . We change and adapt to nature's way , and are part of the moving , breathing embodiment of energy and spirit .

So, happy AuTUMN and AUTUMNAL EQUINOX . Happy Changing it up and moving into new ways of living and being !

GIve yourself a thumbs up , no matter what your harvest looks like ! We are in a time of gathering and consolidating :

Cleansing and communicating : studying, and being clear . Preparing and envisioning .

Being outside, and beginning to move our awareness to inner wisdoms .

Give yourself a thumbs up as you explore and learn and change.


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