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knowing yourself

there are so many layers to knowing yourself . Do we ever really know ourselves ? Perhaps this is one of the explorations in our lives .

We seek. We explore. We learn. We tumble. We begin again . We begin practices that help us to calm and center . We listen to podcasts, and follow many people who inspire .

We get it ! Only to be surprised that , um yeah , maybe we didn't fully get THAT lesson .....

One thing we can rely on , in all our wanderings , in all our connections to other realms, and deep meditation insights , is our connection to a beautifully organized and conspiring universe. Our connection to quantum fields , to universal consciousness , to earth , and to one another .

Another thing we can rely on , is our physical bodies . The human body is a magnificent embodiment of the earth , the universe, and all that is . Our bodies regenerate continually . Every 7 years , we have completely regenerated ! We have a whole pharmacy inside us ! We have intuitive centers - actual , physical glandular structures that help to keep us connected with our innate knowings . There are secrets in our anatomical structures that are keys to longevity , to connection to our origins, and are an embodiment of all of nature here on earth .

We are mostly space, and water , and electrical currents . Our hearts are electromagnetic fields that resonate with the earths's magnetic field , and , with each others ! Our fascia is a communication network .

What is fascia? Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. The tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin.

Our fascia looks like a picture of the universe . It resembles space , and indeed, is a space continuum . It is absolutely serving us , and when we are injured, it wraps around the injury to heal . As we age , our fascia becomes less pliable as it works to support our life's stresses and our bodies' repetitive patterning .

So, we need to begin listening to our body signals . Perhaps we need more stretching , more movement / exercise { the body is made to move !} Perhaps we need release, relaxation . our bodies will let us know . First with whisperings, then with callings , and finally, with straight up pain ! Or illness .

Our practices of yoga, meditation , exercise , relaxation , stretching , mobility , flexibility , meditations , moving mediations , will help us to know our own body cues . It is curious to me that we really have little awareness of what is going on inside us .

I do something I am calling body mapping , in my personal training and physical therapy practice . We listen . We just listen for cues from this magnificent vehicle in which we live ! We track the injures and patterns of movement . We find he imbalances { I have plenty ! I am my own physiological study }

Oh the physical body is amazing because it is energy ! And it is always pulsing and communicating and transforming !

As we explore our higher selves / spiritual selves , let us remember that we are embodied here on the earth , and that we care miracles and blessings . Take care of ourselves so we are clear and are of true wellbeing . If we know , if we feel this , then our intuitions will be more insightful , we will be stronger and grounded , and more powerful in our spiritual practices .

Celebrate the magical mind body , for spirit consciousness lives in every cell , every breath, every pulse .


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