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The following is an email from my teacher and very wise Guru! I believe that both masculine and feminine energies on the planet now , are imbalanced and confused , and in the middle of great change and evolution. The rise of the fighting males and females must come to a place of higher consciousness and deeper understandings and rememberings.

Sat Nam Dear Ones, ‘Womb’ means ‘future’ -- and ‘man’ means ‘right now’. Woman is the present moment coming from the future, all in one body. Man -- men -- look to the past to justify and preserve the present to stay. Woman -- women -- look to the future to purify and direct the present to grow. Because time is the movement of space through space, when space remains controlled by those trying keep it like it was [traditionalists] time stagnates. The future, looking like the present, with the present looking like the past, is the ultimate act of this stagnation. With this, the present begins to atrophy, while indolence becomes entropy, and time rots and decays into disease and catastrophe. Such is the world of the patriarchy, of the traditionalists...a hierarchy controlled by man’s physical might. Such is the world of the present world. Evolution -- in order to survive -- must birth, as everything does, from ‘womb-man’ -- from the women. This is not a movement of personas, or personalities, this is an evolutionary redirection to avoid an eminent disaster. The intensity of this opportunity, within a world longing for a real future, is incredibly the times are right now. It's a run from a walk, and then a dance from that run. It’s a time when the ‘womb’ of the future must exceed all expectations and limitations.

Our prayer is that you honor the womb in the women of the land; that you bless the balance of their equality, and allow this to become the way of a new way on this Mother called Earth. The future depends on it.

Always with Gratitude, Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur


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