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gateways of beginnings and endings

Early mornings find me journaling, reading, researching , learning . meditating . Prayer and breath work . Oracle cards, stretching . Practices .

Beginnings of a day .

So often , in these quiet times , before the world is officially awake - denoted by an increase in cars and trucks rambling by , with different cadences and intentions - I have great brainstorms for writing , and I make lists of all the areas of Masjah that can be shared : Fitness , Dance , Yoga, Healing , Breakthroughs in helping clients with diseases and pain and limitations - physical , mental and spiritual . Neuro Science , Heart Resonance, Quantum fields , Quantumplations , Mind body secrets, Shaman ways, Yogi Pathways

And then, life takes my hands , the clock ticks toward " Time to Go ." I stretch and roll and do all the things so ,my xtra Uber tight muscles and ligaments will hold out in the day ! and time to go !

I write down on the list of many things , to be better . Write more.

~~Please let me know what topics are interesting to you . Thank you ! ~~

Tonight , I sit down after meeting with my siblings { two brothers and a sister } , at my parents house , which is under agreement to sell . My mom passed in 2020, my dad in August . it has been magical , transforming , eye opening , and , hard .

There have been so many set backs in the sale of their house - the house to which my children would go - running through a forest path and bridge that linked our two properties , the house we helped them build -- their dream of a Cape Cod home .. the light post that was hit not just once , from newly licensed grandchildren drivers ... the driveway that one of my daughters was getting her first kiss ..

The stories go on and on and will live in our hearts and minds !

Finally , we are looking forward , in a bittersweet way , to a closing date , so we all got together for pizza and champagne ,My 3 siblings coming from Boston area , toasting our parents and our lives . And being grateful !


Beginnings and endings . Ahhhhhh to be present in each one and feel the resonance of them , even if it seems surreal .

As I type here at the kitchen table now, beside me is a folder of titles to my mom and dads cars . One is going to my one of my children , the other to me . And their death certificates --[ so I can stop the mail, and transfer , and have proof if I need it ] It isn't maudlin really , it is just weird .

Because I feel that they are around me . Their "endings" really are beginnings . Still . the grief that comes in waves is gracious, visceral and real .

I look at their names , their birth dates , their death dates . My ancestors now . My spirit guides .

And the grief allows for an opening into ones awareness of self . Of safety and balance , even when you just do not feel it . Trust . Faith . Reverence .

For on this same day , my youngest grandson is 8 months ! My step - daughter in law just had a new baby , and each present moment is ALIVE.

And so, the gateways open and close . Or, do they just glow? Do they just know ? I believe we all have an innate sense of these gateways . All kinds - not just beginnings and endings . Beginnings and Endings are spiral - they are part of the same wheel of life. There are other gateways -- We can see them in nature - portals , openings , spaces between branches and trees ; pathways converging, changing winds, sunrises, sunsets ...

In our own bodies , we have gateways and pathways that are in constant communication with us . In constant flow .

If we close our eyes and breathe . Feeling the sensation , the sound, of our own breath . Feel our body move with each balancing inhalation and exhalation . Honoring this simple , life supporting gateway : filling up , being fulfilled ,, and emptying , being emptied and released . Being restored and balanced .

Being .

Gateways to peace, health , joy , love , lighter being , are within ua and all around us .

thank you for reading this . it means a lot to me.



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