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a story of masjah.. the beginnings .

i have been meaning to write this story , as so many times people ask ,

' How did you start ?'

Recently, I was perusing through some journals from the time of Masjah 'opening , and the walk down memory lane sparked me to finally write the story here , because it is not an average tale of opening a business ! So , here it is : I am sure my writing does not do it justice ! thank you for reading

a little background ....

Once upon a time ,

I was divorced, a single mom of 4 and had a great job personal training for Personal Balance, Pugga Routhier & Assoc. I also had begun teaching at Fit N Run, a small womens gym , which had moved from their location near subway , to upstairs in the plaza with town paint { now Ace Hardware} .

When Alex, ex and I , and his Fam helping , opened Alecsies, my time at Personal Balance was waning , and as sad as that was, new avenues were in the process of opening ! I was flying to Nantucket for personal training , working in the training center in dennisport , doing some online health and wellness programs , practicing Reiki and Intuitive healing , and raising children .

So: kids to school, personal training , Reiki, and healings out of my house , and doing the lunch shift Alecsie's. Later Afternoon saw me at kids" events , and teaching classes ,; night was dinner, homework , baths and bed times stories . Full! Dynamic . Busy . Whew.

Oftentimes, since I was teaching Spinning and dance at Fit N run, I would run up the stairs after an Alecsies shift and quietly pass the doors of FitNRun , to a door down the hallway a bit . This door opened to what once was martial arts studio and I would go onto the cool space, lay on the rug and feel the healing vibes .

breathe . be at peace .

Unbeknown to me , the land lord , Paul, would sometimes be upstairs and see me there , and so decided not to lock that door after the renters of that space had moved out .

Also unbeknown to me, the very same landlord was the dad of a girl on one of my daughter's field hockey teams , and was in the background of a picture of my daughter , hanging on our living room wall ! { I didn't realize this until much later }

One day, I trekked up the stairs to Fit N Run, and all was quiet . The girl at the front desk told me that the gym had closed and would not be re- opening .

Ahhh and so it begins ....

No-one knew what was going on, but because I was at Alecsies for lunch , the women would come and ask what happened .

" I do not know . But don't worry we will figure something out . Give me your email , and I will put you on my list ."

And so, each morning , I would write about health , and signs from nature, and being inspired, and trusting in the workings of a beautiful universe .

And each day , more women would stop by , more women would wander the parking lot, some going to the landlord and wanting answers.

One day , I came out of Alecsies , and a once member of Fit N Run, standing with Paul the landlord outside the hardware store , yelled , " Tracey! you have to do something !"

And somewhere in the middle of negotiations that never went through , and meetings with Fit N run managers , and me saying " no no I am not interested in owning a gym ..." and investors that felt there was not enough return , I must have begun to stand there with open arms .

My journal entry , right about now in the story , reads :

" It has to be co-op . " " it has to be community . "

" there need to be space for everyone to thrive . " " it has to be easy for me , and fro everyone "

Paul the landlord and I met , and he told me how badly he felt about all the women who were displaced , and that he knew I had been lying down and meditating in the big room, { which , btw, was not ever part of fit n run }

And, he offered me to pay what ever I could pay , and we could see how it went .

There was something here. some kind of feeling began to grow, some kind of knowing and faith and seeing the signs.

It had very little to do wise me opening or starting a business and everything to do with me answering some kind of call.

And others were answering their own calls as well !

One day, I got off the little Cape Air plane that was my work transportation to and from Nantucket for personal training , for the last time, and my mom picked me up stating : " We need to take a ride over to that gym you are looking at buying ."

" I am not buying it . Mom, and I have no idea what will happen . "

" Well, we will see. " she replied { so mom- ish of her .. }

When we got there , there had been an auction of some sort , and all of the equipment of the now closed Fit N Run had been sold !

To all the people I had been emailing and in contact with about creating a space, and , my parents . I later learned that during the bidding , my dad turned around and state :

" I am getting this stuff of my daughter Tracey !"

And the reply was : "So ARE WE ! "

With four kids , in college, college bound, and pre-teen, I had a full schedule and a low bank account, and so I entered into this with the thoughts that if it was meant to be , then there would be great support for it . If people are rallying like this , then I must respond . Ok. It was taking on a life of its own .

One of my dreams was to have spinning studio, and have epic scores and low lights: breathing techniques and guided journey rides . Fit n Run had like 9 bikes / 10 bikes ? and good ones that were going to the bank by the end of the week. I would need 3500., which was a great buy and not that much ! but for me , with under 100. in the bank at that time, I wondered what would happen .

Monday morning : I get in the car, and " Go ask Alice " is playing on the radio . Ok I say , I will follow that sign , and I call my friend Alice. She picks up, of course , and after our hellos, she asks about what she has heard in the wind about me opening a gym or something-

"Hey , do you need some help ? We just got this check from a job and were going to put it in the savings , but could totally lend you it ! { this girl is an angel . I had not asked her at all, and she was offering . It is who she is , and wow . }


" Wow thank you ! I will let you know , I am not sure I am doing anything without the spin bikes ... "

Tuesday : A woman named Connie, that I do not know, contacts me about renting space from me { ah the wind was definitely whispering in some ears .. } I say I am not sure if it willl happen , but I would be glad to contact her if I end up opening . I had never met her , but she says ,

" do you need money ? We could loan you 1500 dollars , my husband and I . I will be happy to help "

Wednesday : People are calling about teaching classes for me but tell me do not pay them right now , because they are just glad to be a part of this ......

I still need $500 by friday for bikes .

Thursday : It is all so incredible, and some of me is still like ... ooooh I don't know about this !

On my way to pick up my youngest from a play date at a friends , I look up and say ," Dear God, i need 500 dollars or I can't do this .." Now I wasn't being demanding , honestly part of me was saying , its ok ! not sure I can do this anyway !!

I walk in to the house , and the friends mom { a friend of mine , Eileen} , says

" Hey , so your daughter is telling me about you opening a new gym ? Well my sister just gave me this check and It was a surprise , so I am happy to donate !

You guessed it .... $500.

I kneeled down to scoop up my daughter , but also because I was in the presence of divine intervention , a conspiring , benevolent universe and the flow of manifestation and answering the call . And I was humbled and in awe.

The community gathered . They picked a day , a Saturday . They bought paints and brushes and rollers . They brought ladders and drop cloths and food . They brought ;laughter and cheer and gratitude .

The gratitude was from me as well, as I humbly accepted somehow being the center of this magical happening . And we opened with songs and prayers and lots and lots of guidance and help !!!

13 years later this April 2022, so much has happened and so much change - Masjah is always changing and transforming . I make a million not so great decisions , but because of community , and caring , and such wonderful giving people , we keep going ! and my journals have many many entries on how much Masjah and the people there have taught me . A living , breathing , alive consciousness that reminds all us to choose Love .

Oh , and why Masjah ?

We were trying to come up with a name , and one of my daughters called one night , and exclaimed ,

" Hey Masjah !!"

" How do you spell that and what does it mean ? " I ask

" oh you know - mom, mother , mother earth , healing .... health . Masjah . "

and a light city is born . Movement , Awareness ,Strength . Joy Aloha Health .


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