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a story of masjah.. the beginnings .

i have been meaning to write this story ! So many times i find myself embarking on the tale - such an embodiment of endings and beginnings, and community - to a new member, or someone who has inquired about how it all started at Masjah. Each time, i say to myself that I need to have it written , so people can read and interpret at their leisure . Well, well, as the universe always does conspire ,

today I ended up reading my journal entries from back in those days :March and April 2009.

My fiancé and I had opened Alecsies House of Pizza in 2008, and I was interested in the timing of Masjah opening , so I had decided to consult my journals . Oh down memory lane indeed ! I opened the great wooden chest { which houses only a few of the journal collections } and begin to open each volume and check the dates...

Ahhh ,, after becoming lost in such rich writings , and revisiting experiences of which had been forgotten , I came across a page that had various writings :


Masjah Heart

Masjahheart Masjahplay Masjahheartzone Menarche

menarche ? the first occurrence of menstruation ? interesting ..... what does that mean ?

I have learned , if you consulting the Oracles of past times of your own journals, there are many times that things do not make sense !! or , perhaps they do!

We will leave my journal entries for now, which name names and have other peoples ideas, and notes from meetings , and sentences like :

" Forget this . I do not want to own a gym ." and , " I am thinking too much . What do I feel ? " , and " There is too much going on right now, with pizza shop , and kids .." and , " What do I do ?"

and get to the story :

Once upon a time ,

I was divorced, a single mom of 4 and had a great job personal training for Personal Balance, Pugga Routhier & Assoc. I also had begun teaching at Fit N Run, a small womens gym , which had moved from their location near subway , to upstairs in the plaza with town paint { now Ace Hardware} .

When Alex and I , and his Fam helping , opened Alecsies, my time at Personal Balance was waning , and as sad as that was, new avenues were in the process of opening ! I was still flying to Nantucket for personal training , but just once a week. I was doing some online health and wellness programs - email based, where everyone would receive an inspiring email a day .

So, kids to school, personal training , Reiki, and healings out of my house , and doing the lunch shift Alecsie's. Later Afternoon saw me at kids" events , and teaching classes ,; night was dinner, homework , baths and bed times stories . Full! Dynamic . Busy . Whew.

Oftentimes, since I was teaching Spinning and dance at Fit N run, I would run up the stairs after an Alecsies shift and quietly pass the doors of the gym , to a door down the hallway a bit . The door to what once was martial arts studio was open, and I would go onto the cool space, lay on the rug and feel the healing vibes . breathe . be at peace .

Unbeknown to me , the land lord , Paul, would sometimes be upstairs and see me there , and so decided not to lock that door after the renters of that space had moved out .