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Oh Every year we say yay! Let's start again : New Beginnings, New Goals, New Opportunities ! This year is same , except there IS a vibe of " Wow this year ......" Things are churning and moving for sure . And sometimes this brings up some not so pleasant , and downright yucky , emotions, feeling , thought patterns , fears ..

Good News ? WE are supported , especially here on Cape, with so many programs, so many healing events and yoga classes ; meditation classes and practitioners and coaches , to HELP !!! We no longer have to hide our sadness or our fear . We can bring it all out and dance with all of it . There are ways of bringing out some of the scariest stuff that we deal with , and BE OK with it!!

We are so excited to be offering some great events and , well just the space itself, will make you feel better !! seriously . Masjah is sitting on a vortex - a place where energies are higher vibed , or more amped than other places . So, we start the New Year with Gratitude !! . We hope you will too .

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