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Hopeful. Creative. Focused.

We begin a new calendar year ----Many of our members, my clients, family members had rocky ending to 2016. Indeed, here seems to be few who have not be touched by the awakening forces and the era of completion and release. Our evolutionary leap is not looking as cool and fun as we though back in 1999, or 2011 and years leading up to here.

But we are here! And we have signed up for this~ to be here , on this planet at this time.

So, Let's gear up. Let's get ready for New Beginnings like we have never known.

Take care of our bodies. Get Fit. Get Motivated . Be Inspired .

Take care of our minds body spirit. Center. Practice Meditation, Yoga. Breathe. Visualize. Read { NOT NEWS.,,,} Research. Be Discerning . Be informed.

Energy systems on and stabilized. Massage, Bodywork, Energy, Reiki, Shamanic Healing. Tao Fitness, Nutrition Counseling ..

Community. Crystal Bowl Meditations, Healing Events, Classes, Masjah Family, Gatherings. Caring for one another .

In service. Bow to one another. Open our hearts. Our images in our minds, our visualization are so powerful.

what shall we dream into being ?

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