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Giving Thanks!

We find ourselves mid November! How did this happen? ahh , yes our concept of linear time seems to be slipping by and going the way of .. well, 45s and LPs records .. and the like.... Just as we are i clouding it, so too are we time warping it. But do not fear, for we have plenty of " time " within the new seemingly constricted but actually vast paradigm of " time".

So, take time to be grateful. Know that all will get done in exactly perfect order! { Yes, indeed, the airconditioners shall be put away ! All in perfect due time! Thank you for your patience!}

Our prayers go out to many. We bow our heads in gratitude for all we are and all that is, knowing that even in the most challenging of times there is hope, there is love. Reach out your hand, give a smile. Simply be in joy and in love with you and life . There is a magnificence ; an unbelievable divine support of which words can not describe , that exsists in our everyday living. It is here, all around and in us, no matter what we are doing. Can we not feel it? Well, it requires a certain devotion of practice. Breathing, meditation, physical activity, prayer, allowing joy, exploring helping others, movement, yoga, solitude, joining groups.......

Masjah, born out of a community' need, is Space. It embraces you and welcomes you to become, to discover, to explore. You are held, and supported. You are given a family who will laugh and play and be there for you. All you must do is accept the gift of loving kindness. Sometimes this looks like a challenge, for you may be asked to take a look at yourself. You may be asked to step into your truest most loving self, and release those parts of you that no longer serve you or LOVE. Of course, you CAN just come and workout. THis is totally fine too ! But I think you will find , that the more you show up { The hardest partof beginning or rebooting a workout program or yoga practice} the more you will notice an opening.... slowly and beautifully.. like a lotus flower....or a waterfall, or an ocean wave...

Thank you.

Thank you to Sharon, who consistently not only shows to teach 5:30am classes, but kicks butt!! Always changing it up and always ON HER GAME! She is our morning wake up, our opening girl, our go to person fro fitness!!

Thank you Connie, who has been teaching the 7am group for .. well.. ever!!! She is another solid as a rock, go to when the going gets tough person, always finding new way to inspire . Her ladies are such an inspiration!!! from 40- 90, these women are so full of energy it is astounding!!!

Thank you Patty, for bringing your beauty and dedication; your knowledge and devotion to your yoga practice and teaching. She has created a beautful class- Yin Yoga with Thai Yoga Massage-6;30pm Wed. she intuitively guides her students and continues to take trainings and workshops, always opening .

Thank you Alice, for your energy and passion and laughter! She is our Zumba girl and rocks the house every Tues and Thurs! Dedicated to Masjah and to her peeps, she brings vitality and joy to each class and everywhere she goes.

Thank you Diana for your grace , devotion and expertise in bellydancing and all forms of art and expression! She brings her flare and love for the art of bellydancing on Tues at 6:45 and we are grateful to have her!

Thank Erudania, for coming and teaching Kundalini Yoga on Tues nights. Edy brings such love and peace to her practice. We are grateful to be offering Kundalini yoga here!

Thank you Barbara, the Sunday 8 AM Zumba girl! Offering her zest and love of dance at 8 am on a Sunday, we truly appreciate her dedication!

Thank you Maria, one of our massage therapists and yoga teachers, for teaching at 730 am Wed., for being so supportive of Masjah and tranforming the Massage/ Healing rooms, and doing so much!

Thank you Norma for all your help and all your wisdom, and Jim for , being Jim! Two of our massage therapists.

Thank you our Renters : Sara Swain for bringing in such a great dance troupe, and offering such a great class! Sally LaRue for being as on her game and dedicated ; knowledgable and motivating as Sally always is ! And Jess Decker for Bringing Hula Hoop fitness !! Thanks for your enthusiasm and going with the flow.

Thank you Donna and Beryl, who have become my little angels/ elves, and who go above and beyond what is needed. Thank you.

Thank you Valerie, for your sweetness and you great help!!

Thank you. Thank you to our members, who co create the classes, and fill up the spaces. Who come with their most beautiful shining selves and fill up the rooms with light and energy. Members who bring in tissues, and give each other notes... who come consistently, or are challenged to come. members who support me and Masjah in such an amazing loving way, that our accountant, Gene, just shakes his head and says,' That;s not a how a normal business is run..." People just don't give to each other like that.."""'

Thank you Gene. Keep it real. Keep us on the up and up , and see us into this next year with all our dots dotted and ducks in a row, t 's crossed?.....

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