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The stirrings of manifesting.. the power of intent and desire

This past New moon, on the eve of Thanksgiving and the first day in the sign Sagittarius , ushered in a time of such rich opportunity for change and manifesting . It is incredible . So when that FULL moon shines bright December 7 , we really can look back and say , " YES ! I am so glad I rode that wave! "

It begins with a thought . and the thought draws its content and merit from deep inside our caverns of experiences, beliefs, teachings , ancestory. and the collective mind.

Long before we have thought as we know it - we have sensation, we have knowing, codings that brought us here . we have connection with all that is . we begin to have stirrings, preferences, dis comforts and comforts . all our very own , unique experiences . our parents , caregivers , and lack of these , teach us how to navigate . we are not taught that this is illusionary. we are not informed that billions of people and living beings are actually having different experiences . we are rarely taught how to know ourselves , ESPECIALLY the part of ourself that is often called Shadow Self . { that is for another post !}

So by the time we are actively engaged in thought and rational and irrational thinking , we often do not realize that much of these thoughts come from neural pathways carved out in our young years . we can get to be in our later years without seeing how we are mowing the same pathways over and over !!

Here and Now, though , we have a great opening to see and feel and know this ! This is kind of like we have to pass this level to get to the next . We are already there . The old Paradigms are holding on , but we are there . We just need help . How to anchor. how to see in a new way . how to think in a new way . how to be in this new world .

Stirrings . Desire . When we have stirrings that move into a desire , we must know ourselves and have practices and disciplines in place , so we can TRUST ourselves . Desire is motivator ! " That which we conceive in thought, and meld with desire becomes real." Then, if we maintain persistent action and energy , it becomes anchored . Even if it is not for the highest and best good.

Sometimes , we are busy anchoring the very opposite of our desires , even if we are trying hard toward a goal .

That is why we must continually re- evaluate , and tweak, and be humble. THis is why we must have practices inplace

Meditation - which could be a walk in the woods, time alone, quiet time,-

Expanding our narrow views { we ALL have limited vision when it comes to thinking from our own indoctrinated thought patterns } by :

seeking trustworthy, experienced practitioners and professionals ,

read, learn DISCERN.

Constantly go to the beginners mind mind set .

Take care of your physical body -- exercise , stretch, practice, move, walk , run crawl, nourish, dance, take care of the stuff that happens , and learn from our experience

Be Open to other perspectives . Be open to see your reactions vs response

Be open to seeing yourself without judging

Go to your Joy . Think of any happy, makes you smile and feel good thought . keep going there . let that grow strong .

Go to your heart . Feel the beat that is connected to billions of rhythms and the earth and comos .

and then , when a stirring comes , a tiny spark of something , we can observer from a curious vantage point , and set our intention, to become a feeling and desire , to become actions ... to become a journey .

ONE MORE THING THOUGH ! we are not alone ! sometimes our best intentions and actions do not pan out . Energies must , weave . align and coalesce to support us . sometimes we must just wait . patience . letting go of outcome . keeping up with our actions and practices and be willing to change and adapt .

Sometimes , in the journey of all of it , we find our old desires are no longer important . or our intentions have become a better reality than we imagined !

Sometimes we go so " off the track " we think we are lost !

Remember , we always , find our way ,

Just for now, know that no matter what you are going through , there are solutions, resolutions, new perspectives, new pathways . Just for now, as that new moon and giving of thanks opens us to heart based living, we learn for ourselves what what is truth . we intend and choose and do right action and believe .


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