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March: movement, mindfulness and magic

March invites us to ask the question - " Is what I am doing now supporting the life i would like to experience? "

As March opens, the start and stop and stall of Jan. and Feb . begins to shift . Whew ! Astrologically, Three big planets move into different signs - Saturn, Pluto and Mars, and this helps to move things along. A Full Moon on March 7 illuminates and guides our paths . Which path leads to our dream rainbow ? Our past actions have brought us to where we are and this month, we can see clearly the unfolding of the present moments and how we co- create our future moments. The good ole yellow brick road does take some real twists and turns ! Forgive ourselves , Lean in to the feel good places , and be mindful.

* Create a lifestyle of mindful, joyful, healthy living .

Meditation-- can be moving, in stillness, singing, chanting , walking , even cleaning . anything you are doing can be a mindful meditation . WhAT MAKES IT MINDFUL ? Paying attention . Breathing consciously - watching , feeling, noting what your are experiencing . However you choose to practice, it is important .

Mind Mastery .--- negative / self loathing / sabotaging thoughts are important to recognize . As we know, we all have them . Seems they are gaining momentum sometimes , but we are able to see them , see what they mean , and use them as catalysts for change . A lot of what we are saying to ourselves is programming from not only our own lives , but also the collective consciousness of the world . so, keep watching , re- framing , set up an imaginary RECYCLE BIN in your mind, and send that stuff right in there to be transformed !

Mind/ Body -- all well and good to be disciplining our minds . Yes . But our bodies have the keys to health , and vitality and depending on what we do , can move some crap energy right out ! Our bodies are waiting for us to listen , to move, to rest , to stretch , to BE. Whether it is exercise , dance, walking , yoga, pilates, martial arts, biking , cycling sports etc etc - find your fave . and get those endorphins going !

Mindful ,Intuitive Eating -- white we are building a relationship with our body , let's practice listening to body cues about eating . Eating is energy . Eating is life . Vitailty . Is what you are inviting and ingesting supportive of the life you are wanting to create ?

More SPACE! As we clear our heads, lets clear our living spaces, our cars, offices , creative spaces ...... It is Spring coming and March is saying - TIME TO CREATE AND EXPAND . DE clutter . little by little or any way you can

Magical. Til the season of enchantment and a reunion with Nature , as Equinox comes and spring brings renewal and hope . Oh we will get some storm and snow , but March , even if it goes out like a lion , does give way to April's way of setting the banquet table for NewBeginnings . We have time to still hibernate, while we prepare.

. Planting the seeds to future endeavors . in March , we get ready. We prepare for what shall we plant ? What shall we experience ? How shall we care for ourselves and others so that we are ready to embrace the coming awakening and re birth ? !

You may notice that you , and people around you , are finishing things up , starting to think about new endeavors, letting go of heavy burden , and opening to new ideas . It can be a challenge , but we are well supported and connected !

We can find our teachers, practitioners, practices, activities and people that will hep support us in our great endeavors .

March says, oh yeah !!

We fill ourselves up- we nourish and nurture; center and balance. Then we gather , and support one another . We follow the paths to our rainbows, to our purposes and belongings , and along the way , we change the world .

happy march-ing !

love, tracey



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