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Wood Floor! Staying centered in the shift.

We had a vision to enhance our environment by adding a wood floor to Studio H.

Well, after much fundraising, and huge generosity, we are now outting a wood floor in Studio M! We will have a LARGE dance / studio space. We are excited, and now are in the process of cleaning up, tearing rug up, painting, organizing SHIFTING! We are not only changing one studio. All studios are in shifting mode.

This is truly an amazing time. Much transition and change is occurring in all of our lives. Masjah too, is shedding its skin so to speak, and transforming.

It is scary to me a bit, as I now really let go of any attachments to what studio M has been for me: a sanctuary, peace, strength, empowerment, love. AS this beautiful portal of all these energies expands into the other spaces, we expand our wings, and fly.

Come fly with us.

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