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masjah studios membership

 yearly, monthly, class cards, drop ins, 
other packages available
 We are part of the Cape Cod Wellness Collaborative; helping Cancer patients become well by offering them classes for $5.00
Monthly Year round Membership & class cards benefits:
*Use of space when rooms are not in session
*Personal Training Sessions discounted
* Access to many health , fitness, healing and mettaphysical resources
* Support and help in making your dreams come true 
*  Community Perks 
  • Monthly Membership with year -round commitment          $ 80.00
  • Short Term / Seasonal Member                                                 $90.00
  • Monthly On-Line Unlimited Membership or
  • No class single use monthly                                                        $50.00 
  • Auto Pay Monthly                                                                          $73.00
  • One Year Membership                                                                  $820.00
  • Class Cards                                                                                     $150.00
  • Drop In Rates                                                                                 $  20.00
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