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Meet The Team


Tracey Crowell

Tracey is the founder of Masjah. She was teaching at a small gym when it closed, and began collecting the email addresses of the other women who also had nowhere to workout.
When the landlord of he building offered her a space (at "anything she could pay"), and  people rallied to purchase equipment  and instructors showed up and didn't want to be paid, and people loaned her money to buy the spin bikes - well, she knew this was beyond just a gym opening - it was a calling. 

She brought and built her personal practice at Masjah Studios, as a personal trainer, healer, reiki master teacher and shamanic practitioner {as well as of several other modalities}.
Her expertise in the workings of human body and energy systems, along with her extensive trainings in metaphysical realms , has helped her create a whole system of wellness. People can come for healing, to receive exercises to help strengthen their body, for bodywork to relax and open, sound healing to transform, and meditation  techniques to maintain their well being. 

She offers shamanic healing : journeying, luminous body clearing, cord cutting, soul retrieval.  channeling and Reiki classes; she is everyone's go to for wellness. 

At Masjah, she teaches group training, dance, spin , manages the many rentals and events and is behind the scenes, in constant motion. Well supported by all instructors and members,  she runs Masjah as a cooperative  collective, with a lot of people being in service in exchange for memberships or sessions from her.

Masjah is a consciousness of unity and wellbeing; acceptance, health and wellness. From Bootcamps to Ecstatic dance and Spoon Bending events, there is something for everyone!  : 
"It has to be easy for everyone " she says about fees and memberships. 

"It has to be fun" she says about life!

Healing Practitioners

Fitness Instructors


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