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December 21, 2019

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medicine cards -- rabbit / hare

April 25, 2020

Always, in playing with cards as an oracle messenger , one clears the mind , uses breath and a disciplined mind , before choosing - especially for a group ! 


Having done that , I picked upside down RABBIT   yesterday . 


There is an auto- response of" ohh no ! - not upside down ! "   but , knowing upside down is just contrary  medicine , and rabbit tends to be about fear , as well as re birth - well, i thought , maybe people are having some fear come up and challenged with feeling positive in the rebirth , new beginning thing .... {um , Ya think ? } 


I took the cards up to my meditation room over the garage - cold but private  !  and sat with them . hmmm upside down rabbit .  something was nudging me about this , and i didn't feel i would post about it yet .  I looked up my Celtic cards to see what symbolism Hare had , and ohh the Gaelic was there , and ir was al very positive indeed - even reversed . 


Ah well , I sat so much with this , meditating on rabbit / hare , that i realized it was almost time for live meditation class !! 


OH!! this will have to wait!  I carefully got up from my meditation cushion, cards in hand , with Rabbit upside down on top , and a card came drifting out of the pack .........onto the floor....... WHALE . 

As I smiled and picked up the card , the RABBIT went sliding out of my hand and across the floor . 


OH!! again ahahah  . 

well didn't have time .   Did my class, which , was enhanced by sound and chant , and i thought of whale , and the song of earth in whales'  sounds . 


blessings . 


 Later in the morning , I realized I hadn't shared the daily card on the instagram page , and I was enjoying sharing this practice , and hoped others were too . 


But , the cards were all back in the pack .    Oh well,  I will just start over . 


I quieted my mind , breathed , shuffled .         Picked a new card of the day for everyone , deciding that upside down RABBIT , and subsequent WHALE had been for me and my class ....  all  works out !     Feeling the beauty of all who would read the card  , I turned over the  card . 


RIGHT SIDE UP RABBIT ..        for real !!!!!! 


Ahhhhhh GREAT SPIRIT  ,  Thank you ! 


The contrary medicine had been transformed , and I , humbled and kind of giggling ,  posted .  



This morning , I received an answer  to  my wonderings if people even were enjoying these daily cards ,a and should I even do them . 


Many texts came in , saying how much they enjoyed the daily cards . 


Again , Thanks !!!!!!! 



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