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December 21, 2019

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Late Summer ... Summer Harvest Magic

August 20, 2017

Ahh the late days of summer ...  this time of year is different than the early and midsummer days . It is ironic that late summer often brings steamy hot weather !! 

It is about the harvest. Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale- the gardens are flourishing !  As the Hydrangeas , who have had an amazing blooming summer, are fading, the Beach Plums are brilliant !  My beach plum trees are expanding and so excited to be alive that they are blocking the entrance to my home . 

Colors are vibrant and it is time to gather and be nourished by our plantings . Not only in our gardens of veggies, but our gardens of life.  

Autumn awaits, and quite patiently , for it enjoys the languishing in the sun . It is in no hurry , and so , even though we are getting back to school, and gearing up for the transition of seasons , let us enjoy these days of late summer . 

There is a shift indeed at this time .  In Chinese Medicine , this is a whole season in itself . It is a magical time of in between time . 

So enjoy . Be at ease. Get your stuff done, but take time to be nourished . The days get shorter and darker, but the sun is brilliant , and the days are perfect . 



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