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Equinox, September 2016

Fall comes, and Summer slowly meanders on, seeping into the tree roots and earth grasses and paths, and quietly bids farewell until next year... but not without sharing JUST a FEW MORE Glorious Sunny days!

The Autumnal Equinox is a celebration of balance and harmony, and honoring the cycles of life, the seasons of change . The day and night are the same length on this day, and then we move into darker , shorter days. We gather, we prepare. It is Harvest time - what shall you harvest? What shall you create?

It is an amazing time on the planet at this time, and as we move into fall, we can tune into this wonderment, this enchantment. Peoples are coming together - Indigenous people in the west , groups and gatherings, communities- all over the globe, people are helping one another, helping animals; animals are helping animals .. Just look it up ! Amidst the tragedies and fear based media stories, there is love, peace, unity, and COURAGE abounding.

It is unfolding, in many ways, as quietly as summer takes its exit.


Allow yourself to feel it.

Go be in Nature, take a yoga class, a meditation class. Join a workshop, help another in need. take care of yourself.

Move, Be Aware, Be Strong, Find JOY. and be Happy. Happy am I , Healthy am I Holy am I

Happy Fall trails!

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